Vladimir Putin’s “Boot Licker” as Boris Johnson Scolds Emmanuel Macron

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He attacked French President Emmanuel Macron At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, He accused her of being a “Putin bootlicker,” his former communications director said Thursday.

In early March 2022, when tens of thousands of Ukrainians fled their country in the wake of the Russian invasion launched on 24 February, the British media and many European countries criticized the low number of refugees granted by the United Kingdom. “Macron went further by directly criticizing Boris, and his comments made the front page of the ‘Guardian’, I believe on a Friday,” recalls former director Kudo Harry. Communication of the former prime minister, in a new episode of his podcast “Unpresidented,” released online Thursday.

“We must rage against the frogs”

During a meeting with his advisers, “he launched a scathing attack on Emmanuel Macron, calling him a psycho, Putin’s sucker, and calling him a word beginning with “c” (an obvious reference to “ass”). According to this adviser, we ” The gloves must be taken off”, Boris Johnson would have said, “we must rage against the ‘frogs’” (frogs – a pejorative nickname for the French).

Early support for Kyiv in its conflict with Russia, the United Kingdom and its leaders has already cast doubt on the French president’s efforts to convince the president. Russian Vladimir Putin will not invade Ukraine. Visit of the President of France MoscowIn the weeks before the conflict began, according to Harry, Boris Johnson was “nauseous”.

“Showing the World Our “Bromance” Is Alive”

However, this consultant says, the two leaders later reconciled. “They drank whiskey together at a summit G7 (…) “My friend”, “the happy Emmanuel” and Boris Johnson called Macron London “I can show the world that my ‘bromance’ is alive and well.”

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A spokesman for Boris Johnson declined to comment on comments made to his former adviser. Prime Minister Not engaging in this podcast. According to official statistics, the United Kingdom It has issued nearly 230,000 visas to Ukrainians since the war began.

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