Sulfur heir Robert Durst dies in prison

Robert Thurst, the wealthy and sulfur-rich American heir who was recently sentenced to life in prison for killing his best friend after years of twisted operations, was remanded in custody at the age of 78 on Monday (January 10), one of his lawyers announced. Millionaire passes away “Natural causes attached to a long list of medical issues that we have repeatedly raised in court over the past two yearsAttorney Chip Lewis said.

Robert Thurst was convicted in September of 2000 in Los Angeles court of killing himself with a bullet in the head at his friend Susan Berman’s home in Beverly Hills. Prosecution has argued that he killed Susan Berman and tried to cover up his role in the murder of his wife, Kathleen, to prevent him from responding to New York police officers who investigated his wife’s disappearance in 1982.

A neighbor was killed and mutilated

Robert Thurst, who has always denied the allegations, was officially indicted in New York last October after serving a life sentence in California. Robert Turst, one of New York’s largest real estate families, was arrested in March 2015 before the airing of the last episode of the six-part HBO biopic documentary.Jinx“.The series revisited another bloody chapter in Robert Durst’s life: the murder of a neighbor, who was later dismembered and thrown into the sea.

He was acquitted by an army of valuable lawyers who pleaded guilty to a mixed offense of defensive, accidental shooting and acts of alcoholism. InJinxRobert Thurst seemed to admit to himself that he was in the bathroom, whispering to himself that the wireless microphone had not been turned off: “What did I do? I definitely killed them all.In an interview with prosecutors after his arrest, Robert Turst defended himself by claiming that he was under the influence of drugs during the filming of the documentary, and therefore that these words meant nothing in particular.

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