War in Ukraine live: Putin confers with his military leaders after massive bombings

Sirens are sounding in Ukraine

Air raid sirens were heard especially in Lviv, Mykolaiv and Volyn.

Iranian drones launched attacks against Ukrainian energy infrastructure

According to a recent update from the British Ministry of Defence, the attacks were mostly caused by air and sea-based missiles, with Iranian-supplied drones among the weapons used.

Explosions in Odessa

According to Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odesa Regional Military Administration, two Russian Onyx-class missiles were shot down in the Odesa region.

“This morning the enemy launched another missile attack in the Odesa region. Two Onyx-class missiles were launched from a coastal missile system in temporarily occupied Crimea. Air defense units destroyed them,” he wrote in a telegram.

Moldovan TV channels were suspended from broadcasting the conflict

A review by Moldova’s Broadcasting Commission found “a lack of accurate information in the coverage of national events, but also the war in Ukraine”. The suspensions are aimed at “preventing the risk of misinformation or attempts to manipulate public opinion”.

Four of the six suspended channels – First in Moldova, RTR Moldova, NTV Moldova and TV6 – continue to rebroadcast programs from Russian TV channels banned by the European Council on Friday as part of new sanctions against Russia.

The body of a one-year-old child was found in the rubble in the Dnipro region

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Governor Valentyn Reznichenko said rescuers found the body of a one-and-a-half-year-old child killed by a Russian missile on December 16 under the rubble of his home in Kryvyi Rih. A total of four people were killed in the attack.

Putin talks with Russian operations officials in Ukraine, Kremlin says

The Russian head of state specifically held a “meeting” with the participation of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the head of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, and held separate meetings with the commanders of various units. According to the same source, the army involved in the operation.

“I would like to hear your proposals on our actions in the short and medium term,” Putin told the meeting, parts of which were broadcast by Russian public television.

A portrait of Zelensky sold for over 150,000 euros

A portrait of the Ukrainian president for the cover of Time magazine sold for 6 million UAH or 150,000 euros. All proceeds from the auction will be used to purchase electricity generators for schools in the Kyiv region.

A meeting with Putin Lukashenko on Monday

Russian and Belarusian presidents Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko will meet in Minsk on Monday for a summit aimed at further strengthening their alliance. Russia’s only ally in this war is BelarusIt lent its territory to allow a Russian attack on Kyiv at the start of the invasion on February 24.

Mr. According to Lukashenko, the summit will be “above all (dedicated) to the economic sphere”, but the two leaders will also talk about the politico-military situation around “(their) countries”.

Ukraine is trying to regain power

Across the country, interventions are underway to restore electricity after the Russian strike.

In Q, Mayor Vitaly Klitschko noted that only a third of the population had access to water and heat and 40% to electricity. In Kharkiv (northeast), the country’s second-largest city, authorities announced that 55% of electricity had been restored by evening. According to regional governor Oleg Sinegoubov, 85% of the region’s population received electricity on Friday evening.

Zelensky calls today’s Russia “Nazi”.

In an interview at LCI, Volodymyr Zelensky only hopes for peace talks with the recovery of “our own lands,” the territories currently occupied by the Russians. Putin “doesn’t want peace. Otherwise, a silence consistent with his view of things. “At that time, we should talk with a Russia that is ready to respect its interlocutor, and that begins to return what belongs to us according to international law. It is with such a Russia that I will be ready to negotiate, but not with the Russia that we have now, with Nazi Russia. »

“Nazi” is a term Vladimir Putin commonly uses to describe Ukraine. He previously condemned “President Putin’s tactics (as dirty as Hitler’s in his time),” referring to the bombing of energy infrastructure.

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