War in Ukraine: Report with Russian Soldiers Sent to the Front


Video Length: 3 minutes

France 2

Written article

By September 2022, Moscow must have mobilized 300,000 people. Many of them were sent to the front with barely any training. Our group managed to meet some of them in Donbass.

The location is kept confidential. DA part of the Donbas controlled by the Russians, about thirty kilometers from the front, they are preparing for a Ukrainian counteroffensive. Exceptionally, France Televisions were authorized to access the group. In tanks, they are not professionals, but people gathered from Siberia. They all came back from the front for a few days of training before going back. Six months ago, a Russian was working as an electrician. He says he is proud to fight today.My grandfather went to war. I have to preserve the history of my country with dignity and that is what I am here for“, he believes.

The Russians did not admit defeat

Conversely, they know that the Ukrainians have acquired powerful German Panther II tanks. But they refuse to admit defeat. Some have no experience other than military service. In front of the camera, everyone pretends to be unimpressed by rumors of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. After six months at the front, the men are looking forward to their first vacation soon.

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