War in Ukraine: Russian military announces withdrawal from Snake Island

The Russian military announced Thursday that it had withdrawn from Snake Island. It was a strategic position on the Black Sea, captured by Russia on this occasion The war she leads against kyiv and it has been in Ukrainian bombing in recent weeks. The Ukrainian military, for its part, praised the “liberation of a strategic territory.”

The small island became a symbol of the Russian attack from the first day, when a member of the small Ukrainian garrison guarding it issued an order demanding the surrender of a Russian ship. Go “fuck off”.. before finally surrendering.

“On June 30, as a sign of goodwill, the Russian Armed Forces fulfilled the objectives set on Snake Island and withdrew their garrison there,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. He assures that this gesture is to facilitate the export of grain from Ukraine.

Food crisis in the background

“Russia is not opposed to UN efforts (Editor’s Note: United Nations) to create a humanitarian corridor that would allow the export of grain products from Ukraine,” he continued. “This decision will no longer allow kyiv (Editor’s note: Ukrainian capital) To speculate about the impending food crisis, saying that it is impossible to export grain due to Russia’s total control of the North-West Black Sea,” said Igor Konashenkov.

Video. 13 Ukrainian soldiers who were reported dead on Snake Island were captured by the Russian Navy

Snake Island, located in the northwest of the Black Sea, near the Ukrainian and Romanian coasts, was seized by Russia at the start of its offensive in Ukraine, which began on February 24. The island continues to be targeted by Ukrainian drone and missile attacks. On June 21, Russia vowed that it had foiled a “crazy” attempt by Kyiv forces to retake Snake Island.

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