War live in Ukraine: Blinken believes the conflict will last until the end of this year


Energy saving to make Putin “biz off”

Robert Hebeck, Germany’s Minister of State and Deputy Minister of Economy, urges Germans to save energy in a way that annoys Russian President Putin. “I urge everyone to contribute now to energy conservation,” said the climate minister. “For Easter, if you can get on your bike or take the train, that’s fine too. It saves the wallet and annoys Putin, ”Germany seeks to reduce Russia’s dependence on gas.


Destruction of the Neptune missile factory

Ukraine says Russia’s offensive in the suburbs of Q last night, targeting a Neptune missile factory, was used to sink the Russian ship Moscow. Thirty kilometers southwest of the Ukrainian capital, a factory workshop located in the town of Vyshnev and the adjoining administration building were severely damaged.


The United States expects the war to last until 2022

The conflict could continue until the end of this year. According to two European officials who spoke to CNN, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told his European allies.


EU to impose embargo on Russian oil, but “reluctant”

According to New York Times, The European Union is “reluctant” to prepare the embargo on Russian oil in several stages, especially giving Germany time to find alternatives. The ban will not propose to EU member states negotiate ahead of the second round of the French presidential election.


Are evacuated buses the target of a terrible fire?

The Ukrainian public prosecutor’s office says seven civilians have been killed and 27 wounded in Russian firing on buses leaving the Kharkiv region.

“On April 14, Russian soldiers opened fire on a bus leaving with civilians in the Borova area. According to initial reports, seven people were killed and 27 wounded,” the prosecution wrote in a telegram.


The Russians claim to have taken Ilyich Steelworks from Mariupol

“Russian troops and Donetsk militias have completely liberated the Ilyil Steel plant from Ukrainian nationalists following the attack on Mariupol,” a military spokesman said in a statement.

On Wednesday, television footage showed the surrender of Ukrainian soldiers rooted in the compound, prompting the Russian military to fire 1,026 soldiers. Following that, the command of the Azov Brigade and the 36th Navy, two Ukrainian units guarding Mariupol, said they were able to consolidate their forces within the city. He realized that “some” soldiers had surrendered as they made their way from Ilitz to the massive Ostowal compound, which is now the site of the battle.

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Donetsk scored

Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, said: “All areas in the front line are under attack in the Donetsk region.

In Marinka, according to him, 11 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The city suffered extensive damage, with nearly 100 homes destroyed, 13 apartment towers and three schools damaged.


Russia again threatens Sweden, Finland and Europe

The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that Sweden and Finland’s joining NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) could have implications for these countries and European security. These countries need to “understand the implications of such a move for our bilateral relations and the overall European security framework,” said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the ministry. “Actually, (Finland and Sweden) will be the front line for NATO,” he said.


An English capture from the Ukrainian army

A British member of the Ukrainian army was captured by the Russians. Russian public television on Thursday evening aired footage of a young man being handcuffed and had his forehead cut off, claiming to be Aidan Aslin. His mother, Ang Wood, confirmed to The Daily Telegraph that the 28-year-old has dedicated several articles, including before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is actually his son, including a characteristic tattoo. “Aidan is an active member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, so he is a prisoner of war,” he said.


A minister mocks the Russian military

Ukraine’s defense minister mocks Russian army sinking Thursday. Photo of a dive next to a sub-turtle, Oleksi Resnikov writes that such a ship is “a useful dive platform”. The Black Sea is new now. After our success we will definitely visit the decay.


Exchange of new prisoners

The new transfer of Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war was announced on Thursday by the Ukrainian military in the Gershon region of southern Ukraine, an area somewhat under Russian control. Four Russians were exchanged for five Ukrainians. On Thursday, Ukraine announced that 30 Ukrainians had been released during the transfer of another prisoner, not to mention the number of Russian soldiers released in response.



Versace and Nice have more students

Versace and Nice Academies welcome more Ukrainian students, first 1046 and second 1059.


11,220 Ukrainian students in France

According to the Ministry of Education, 11,220 Ukrainians are being held in schools, colleges and high schools in France. Numbers Have been arrested Thursday. The increase is less than it was a few weeks ago.


Russia claims to have killed ‘Polish mercenaries’

Russia says at least 30 “Polish mercenaries” have been killed in an attack in northeastern Ukraine. “As a result of the strike, a section of mercenaries from a private Polish military organization … were disbanded in the village of Izyamske in the Kharkiv region. 30 Polish mercenaries have been evacuated,” a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said in a statement.


Russia says it has bombed an arms factory near Kiev

The aerial missile production workshop was destroyed from a surface at the Wisar factory in the suburbs of Q, the Russian Defense Ministry announced.


Russia to increase strikes in Kiev

Russia says it is stepping up its strikes in the Ukrainian capital, Qaeda, in retaliation for attacks on its soil blamed on Ukraine. “The number and size of missile attacks on kyiv bases will increase in response to all terrorist attacks and sabotage carried out on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in Kiev,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.


Five people died in the Donbass in 24 hours

In Donetsk, the largest region of the Donbass, “fighting is going on in the entire front line”, three people have been killed and seven injured in the last 24 hours. There were 24 bombings in the Luhansk region, the other part of the mine, in which two were killed and two were injured.


4.5% inflation in March

Inflation hit a one-year high of 4.5% in March, the lowest level since the 1980s, according to the INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies). As in recent months, this acceleration in inflation is explained by the rise in energy prices, which rose to + 29.2% in March after + 21.1% in February. They are specifically powered by petroleum products (+ 43.5%). After a 2.1% rise in February, food prices rose 2.9%. New products in particular increased by 7.6% in one year.

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This will cause high inflation An automatic reassessment The minimum wage on May 1 was 2.65%. For full-time work, the minimum monthly wage is 1645.58 euros in total. Net, it goes from 1269 to 1302.64 euros. The total hourly minimum wage will be reduced from 10.57 to 10.85 euros.


Nine humanitarian corridors

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk announced today in a telegram that nine humanitarian routes are being set up. For example, the public can leave Mariupol, Berdyansk, Tokmak, and the cities of Enerhodor on their own in Saboria.


Nearly 200 children were killed

A provisional statement issued by the Ukrainian media Independent Kiev, Says at least 198 children have been killed and 355 wounded since the beginning of the war. “The actual number could be significantly higher,” the media reported.


New French aid

Following his telephone conversation with Ukrainian Representative Volodymyr Zelensky, French President Emmanuel Macron announced France’s new humanitarian aid. “Our firefighters and rescue workers will deliver tomorrow (Editor’s note: Today) 24 fire trucks and ambulances and 50 tons of emergency equipment. This is the second convoy in a month. ⁇


The Ukrainians are heading east

Some Ukrainians, due to pro-Russian beliefs or practical preferences, decided to seek refuge in the east of the country. “They think the area will be occupied by Russians and they will be able to return home quickly if they take refuge in the Russian territory,” the regional security member explained. In more details Report by our Special Correspondent.


Raised 2 million euros

Major organizations such as the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders work to help Ukraine and its citizens. But small and medium-sized structures also participate in this movement. In France, the HelloAsso platform, which supports this type of architecture, reports that 256 associations have raised more than 2 million euros. The average donation is 117 euros per person. Additional information In our article.


“Never again”

In his speech, President Zhelensky recalled a comment from World War II (1939-1945): “Never again”, referring to the massacres committed during this conflict. “It’s happening again.” We’ll make sure this method is really last. ⁇

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