War live in Ukraine: Six people were killed by bullets in a basement near Q.


  • The leader of the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk said his forces had completely captured the port area. Like MariupolIn southeastern Ukraine, it has been under siege for more than a month.
  • EU foreign ministers have begun discussing a sixth embargo against Russia, but consensus is hard to come by.
  • President of Austria Carl NehammerThe first European leader to receive Vladimir Putin since the beginning of the intervention in Ukraine said he was “distrustful” of the Russian president’s “logic of war.”
  • France has decided Exodus of six Russian spies Those operating under the cover of their embassy in Paris and “his actions proved to be contrary to (his) national interests”.


Six people were found dead in a basement in a suburb of Q.

The bodies of the 6 people who were shot were found in a basement in the eastern suburbs of Kiev. At the end of March the Russian army withdrewThe Office of the Attorney General of Ukraine reports.

“The bodies of six civilians were found with gunshot wounds in the basement of a house,” the prosecution said in a telegram.


A group of German parliamentarians on their way to Ukraine

Three senior German Bundestag officials, Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman of the Liberal Party, Michael Roth of the SPD and Anton Hofreiter of the Greens “are going to Ukraine,” according to Der Spiegel. Representatives of the kyiv parliament in the west of the country responded to the call of the Ukrainian delegation. This was the first visit of a German political delegation since the start of the Russian invasion.


The rope tightens like Mariupol

The rope that protects the last Ukrainian troops is tightened Like Mariupol, they were besieged for more than 40 days Massively destroyed by the Russian military, the humanitarian situation there is dramatic. According to Mykhaïlo Podoliak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, “tens of thousands” of people were killed and “90% of the houses” were destroyed, and “Ukrainian soldiers surrounded and blocked”.



Gas market, an opportunity for Israel

Israel is trying to export part of its marine gas resources to Europe Replace Russian fossil fuel purchases. The crisis in Ukraine is “transforming Europe into a new market, especially for Israel.” It is in talks with the European Union to determine the amount of gas that can be supplied to Israel and a possible timetable.


Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with Alexander Lukashenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to the Far East of Russia on Tuesday to meet with Belarusian President George W. Bush. Alexander Lukashenko. The two presidents are set to visit the Vostochny Cosmotrom launch site to commemorate the annual Space Day in Russia. The heads of state will then hold a press conference.


More than 6,000 investigations have been launched into war crimes committed by Russia

More than 6,000 alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine are currently a subject. Investigation, Says the Ukrainian Attorney’s Office. A total of 6,036 reports were recorded.


Great losses on the Russian side

More than 19,000 dead soldiers, 700 tanks were destroyed, as well as a hundred helicopters and planes … Russia’s human and military casualties continue to rise, more than a month after the start of the invasion of Ukraine. The Kiev Freedom Listed all Russian casualties until April 12.


The Red Cross continues its collection


More than a hundred children were killed in Ukraine

Ukraine’s attorney general’s office says Russian troops have been wounded 342 children And 183 children have been killed since the start of Russian military operations in Ukraine, the newspaper said. Kiev Independent.


Nokia withdraws from Russian market

Will be under pressure for weeks, Telecommunications equipment maker Nokia has finally pulled out of the Russian market, CEO Becca Landmark told Reuters. “We do not see any possibility of continuing in the country in the current situation,” he said, adding that Nokia will continue to support customers during the carrier exit process.


Nine humanitarian corridors have been opened in Ukraine


In Bautista, “Russians opened fire on starving people”

Maria, a Ukrainian university student, was secretly filmed when Russian tanks invaded the city of Bautista in late February. With his grandmother Olena, 94, and his teenage son, they go into hiding to survive. Maria and Olena testify with the Parisians today Russia was abused during the occupation of the liberated city on April 2.


World trade is threatened by war

According to an analysis by the Secretariat of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the war in Ukraine will halve the growth of world trade. According to the analysis, the crisis is expected to slow global GDP growth to 3.1 to 3.7% this year, while global trade growth is expected to be 2.4% to 3%. In October, the WTO expects a 4.7% increase.


According to UNICEF, 4.8 million Ukrainian children have fled their country

It says nearly 5 million children have fled their homes in the six weeks since the Russian invasion UNICEF. Manuel Fontaine, director of UNICEF’s Emergency Programs, says it is “unbelievable” that 4.8 million of the 7.5 million Ukrainian children in the country have been displaced in such a short period of time. “They are being forced to leave their homes, schools and often all their family members,” he told the UN Security Council. The agency says it has counted 142 children who have died since the war began, although the number is certainly high.


Europe is redoubled its efforts to free itself from Russian gas

From LNG terminal projects in northern Germany, Finland or France, to possible new routes via Spain or the eastern Mediterranean, Europe is working hard. Liberation from Russian gasAlthough the task will take many years, according to experts. Faced with the gas pipe being dropped Nort Stream 2 Coming from Russia, Germany has hastily restarted three plans to install LNG terminals, which were hitherto considered a non-priority. One may be ready for the winter of 2023, the other two not before 2026.


Repeated meetings at the UN Security Council

After the Monday session UN Russia’s vetoed organization on women and children in Ukraine will hold a humanitarian meeting on April 19. The new meeting will focus on refugees, Third Nationals and human trafficking, an unnamed ambassador said. In the morning, Albanian Ambassador Ferrit Hoxha underlined that Moscow, “by veto, will not stop ensuring the security of Ukraine, but he and his allies at the UN will not stop condemning the invasion of Ukraine, even if the Council holds hostage.” .

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India and the United States are struggling to adjust their position

Joe Biden and Narendra Modi made a “transparent” virtual exchange on Monday, but it does not appear to have brought the situation closer to war in Ukraine. Anthony Blinken, the head of US diplomacy, declares that it is “important for all nations, especially those with influence,” to urge the Russian president to end the war. “It is important that democracies (…) speak with one voice to protect the values ​​we share,” he added.


Chemical attack on Mariupol?

The UK is trying to verify information about the use of chemical weapons by Russian forces Like Mariupol, British Foreign Secretary announces. “Reports indicate that Russian forces may have used chemical agents in attacks on people like Mariupol. We are urgently working with our allies to verify the information,” she said.


French genders are under investigation “War Crimes”

French team of two forensic doctors, Lviv arrived on Monday. The French ambassador to Ukraine announced that it would support the Ukrainian authorities.


Diplomatic frustration

Austrian President Carl Nehmmer. REUTERS / Maxim Shemetov



Ukraine prepares for Russian offensive in the east

“According to our information, the enemy has almost finished preparing for the attack in the east. The attack will take place very soon, “said Oleksandr Motosyanik, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. In Washington, a senior Pentagon official confirmed that Russian forces were strengthening around Donbass, especially near the strategic city of Isiam. “We have seen the efforts of the Russians to re-supply and strengthen the Donbass,” the official said.

The pressure of the Russian army on Donbass will go to Crescento. AFP



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