Washington warns Moscow ahead of Friday’s Blinken-Lavrov meeting

Massaged Russia Thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine, The United States warned on Thursday that there is a risk of reviving the ghost of the Cold War. The next day Controversial comments by Joe BidenWashington threatened retaliation in the event of an intrusion into Moscow, while US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen would meet with his Russian envoy to Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Friday to try to find a diplomatic way out of the crisis.

The United States has said that Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s regional sovereignty will “take us to a more dangerous and unstable period, when the continent is divided into two, with the threat of full-scale war on everyone’s heads.” Secretary of State Anthony Blingen.

The diplomat did so in parallel to Berlin, a city cut in two by a wall for about 30 years, where he held talks with his European allies on Thursday ahead of an important meeting with the Russians in Geneva. Russia has stationed tens of thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine, raising fears of an invasion.

Anthony Blinken, who played with determination, ruled in an interview with the ZDF television channel that the possible entry of Russian soldiers was “the most obvious occupation of Ukraine” and that “it does not matter whether it is a single or a thousand soldiers”. According to the translation of his ideas into German. While denying any planned attack, the Kremlin insists that a written guarantee of its security is needed to minimize the expansion.

Not “Yalta 2”

Western allies of Blinken and the United States showed their determination in response. Anthony Blinken warned that Russia’s crossing the Ukrainian border could lead to a “rapid and severe” reaction by the United States.

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To show the unity of the West, German diplomat Annalena Berbach promised that the retaliation of the United States and its allies would not hesitate to act, even if it had “economic consequences” for Europe. His French envoy to Berlin, Jean-Yves Le Drian, warned the Russians against any attempt to create “Yalta 2”, a new division of spheres of influence between the East and the West, almost 77 years after the conference was designed. – World War II Europe.

In the same tone in London, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the Russian incursion into Ukraine, whatever its size, would be “catastrophic for the world.”

Biden corrected the shot for him

No “minor intrusions,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky responded to the controversial remarks by his US envoy, Joe Biden, before clarifying his statements on Thursday. The US leader promised that the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine would be considered an “invasion”, which would be “absolutely clear” with Vladimir Putin that it would “lead to a tough and integrated economic response.”

Antony Blinken hopes to find a diplomatic way out of further tensions. Earlier rounds of talks in Europe last week only made it possible to point out the gap between Moscow and the West. During a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Friday, the diplomat will not present “any documents”.

“We need to see where we stand and whether there are still opportunities to pursue diplomacy,” he said, adding that some Russian demands “clearly and utterly failed,” such as NATO’s non-magnification engagement with Ukraine.

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In addition to the agreement blocking the expansion of the Atlantic Alliance with Ukraine, another former Soviet republic, Georgia, and Russia are demanding that the Americans and their allies abandon organizing military maneuvers and establishments in Eastern Europe. Moscow has made it clear that its demands are not negotiable, and that the United States considers them fundamentally unacceptable.

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