What to remember from Wednesday, May 18th

The surrender of Ukrainian troops guarding the Azovstale base in Mariupol continued on Wednesday, May 18. According to Moscow, its forces are slowly advancing to the front line in the east. The 84th day of the war marked the beginning of the trial of a Russian soldier for “war crime”. Francinefo looks back on what should be remembered from this day forward.

Russian troops advance in the east

Russian forces are trying to make a breakthrough near Bopasna, near the city of Chevrodonetsk, one of the main cities in the Ukrainian-controlled Luhansk region. Its governor is Serguiï GaïdaïCondemnation “Intensity of bombings on civilians”. Four people were killed in the area on Wednesday. S.Seven more were killed and six were injured.Front row in the Donetsk region, According to Kyiv.

Conducted by Russian forces “Attacks across the communication route”Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense warned.

The U.S. Institute of War Studies (ISW) refers to the intensification of artillery attacks on Ukrainian border installations in the Chernivtsi and Sumi regions, the limited advance of Russian forces in the Donbass and the preparation of a major battle for the Severdonetsk.

The surrender of Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol continues

At the Azovstal site in Mariupol, “959 militants taken prisoner, including 80 wounded” In two days, the Russian Defense Ministry said, there was no comment by kyiv in the evening.

The Russian military is concentrating its efforts “In blocking our units near Azovstal”With artillery and airstrikes, Ukrainian civil servants said.

The beginning of the first trial of a Russian soldier for “war crime”

The Ukrainian judiciary has launched the first investigation into a “war crime” against a Russian soldier accused of shooting an unarmed civilian after an attack by troops from Moscow.

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At a time when international organizations are also conducting their own investigations into abuses by the Russian military, the soon-to-be-launched investigation will be a test for the Ukrainian judiciary.

The Kremlin says there is no information on the practice. The accused pleaded guilty and faces life imprisonment. But the trial was immediately adjourned and adjourned to Thursday, with no immediate explanation.

Tough negotiations

The Kremlin accused Ukraine of refusing to negotiate. “Negotiations are not moving forward. We see a reluctance on the part of Ukrainian negotiators to continue this process.”Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

The previous day, kyiv had blamed the Russians for the suspension of talks.

Russia expels French ambassadors

Russia has announced the expulsion of 34 French ambassadors in retaliation for France’s expulsion of 41 Russians in April. Paris is “Sadness” This result. 24 Italian and 27 Spanish diplomats met the same fate.

Sweden and Finland have officially submitted their nominations to NATO

Sweden and Finland have submitted applications to join NATO, which is a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine.

Turkey opposes their integration and may block the process, but consultations are underway to overcome Ankara’s opposition. “Hope it ends soon”Said Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of the Atlantic Coalition.

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