White Sox Place Andrew Vaughn in 10 Days Illinois

today: Vaughn was officially dispatched to IL for 10 days today, retrospectively on May 2. Called the White Sox Danny Mendic to take Vaughn’s place on the active list.

May 4The White Sox is arguably the team most affected by injuries in the first month of the 2022 season, with many players losing their positions and main shooters for some time, whether or not they are on the injury list. These various diseases dragged them to the 11-13 start of the season. Looks like they took another hit, according to Daryl Van Schoen of the Chicago Sun-TimesWith Andrew Fon He will likely head to the injured list before the team opens a series against Boston on Friday.

Vaughn hit a ball on his hand in a game last week, and despite the negative X-rays, he hasn’t played since. “It’s kind of a progression, but it still hurts when I swing, it’s really bad,” Vaughn said. “It kind of kept me from swinging because of the pain. I feel it all the time.” Defense players injuries Eloy JimenezAnd AJ Bullock And Louis Robert He opened up some Vaughn’s usual playtime and answered the call by hitting .283/.367/.566 this year, which is good enough for a 177 wRC+. Unfortunately, all of that will have to be suspended until he can recover.

There is at least some good news about Pale Hose, though, as Van Schouwen mentioned it Yuan Moncada He will likely join the team next week. The third starting player who did not make his first appearance of the season due to tilted fatigue. With Moncada out, most of the playing time in the hot corner was going Jake BurgerThat hits .250/.270/.383. This streak is up to level 91, or 9% below the league average. Moncada+’s career win tally was 114 and it was 122 last year, which means he must boost the squad as long as he can come back and produce at his usual level.

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Bulls should also get a boost soon, b Joe Kelly He will likely make his White Sox debut next week. While with the Dodgers last year, Right was sidelined with a biceps injury. The Sox signed him off the season knowing he’s still working his way back from this problem and likely won’t be ready for the start of the season. Since switching from spin to bowling, Kelly has emerged as a useful fireball player. From 2017 to 2021, he threw 229 runs with a 3.62 ERA rate, 24.8% strike rate and 10.6% walking rate.

As for the rotation Johnny Quito Looks ready fits White Sox too. Signed to a minor league deal in early April, he’s been gradually building his arm strength with Triple-A Charlotte Knights. After a nice bounce season with the Giants last year in which he threw 114 2/3 innings from 4.08 ERA balls, he has signed the White Sox on a deal that will pay him $4.2 million once he is selected for the big league club. With Lance Lin On the shelf for a while, a spot was opened in the rotation Vince Velasquez, who has a 4.58 ERA through four starts, with strike and walking rates roughly in line with his career numbers. But the weakest link in the rotation so far was Dallas Keuchel, which has 8.40 ERA at the moment, along with a 9.8% strike rate and 13.4% walking rate. This is a small sampling of just four starts, but it continues the trend that began last year, when the left put out a 5.28 ERA and a strike rate of 13.2%. He’s in his last guaranteed year of his three years, though there is a $20 million club/club maturity option for 2023. If Keuchel hits 160 runs this year, that’s guaranteed.

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