Why did Ukraine and the United States not vote for a UN resolution condemning Nazism?

United Nations and NATO a “Double talk” On Nazism, Accuses the plot site France-Evening. To support his point, he cites the example of the referendum on struggle at the end of 2021 in the UN General Assembly. “Glory to Nazism” – The most shared argument in pro-Putin circles.

On December 21, 2021, “The UN resolution against the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other racism, racism, racism and intolerance was adopted by 130 votes in favor, 2 against (US, Ukraine) and 49”. For example, it recalls a highly shared tweet in mid-March.

The Kremlin justifies the war in Ukraine “Denunciation” In the country, Washington and Kiev’s opposition to this resolution is interpreted as a contradiction, even in the face of neo – Nazi sympathies under the rule of Volodymyr Zhelensky. The truth behind this vote is very complex.

Russia’s resolution has been in the UN since 2012

UN opposes glorification of Nazism Filed every year since 2012 By the Russian Federation. This unbounded text of public purpose evokes awareness in the face of modern forms of racism and the revival of III.And Reich

Each year, the resolution is approved by a majority. However, almost all NATO countries, including the European Union and especially France, did not vote, with a handful of states voting: Canada and Palau in the early years, Ukraine in 2014, and the United States each time.

The subject matter of this text is apparently very consensual. However, in 2017 the UN Reported Of “Lively discussions”, And the result of the referendum is consistently disappointing and The “Sadness” Of Russia.

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Countries opposing the resolution insist they do not support III in any wayAnd Reich “We reaffirm our strong condemnation of Nazism, neo-Nazism and all forms of tolerance.”Ukraine insisted In 2019, Recalling the deaths of 8 million Ukrainians during the Nazi offensive. For their part, the United States stated, In 2020, “For [joindre] To the international community in condemning Nazism and the glorification of all forms of racism, bigotry, discrimination and tolerance. “.

Fear of making history a tool

Nazism has played an important role in the official history of Russia, and Vladimir Putin has proposed seven monuments since 2000. World War II, described as. “Great Patriotic War” Although the shadowy parts of the Soviet army from the Stalin era were obscured by the massacre of thousands of officers, the Soviet Union presented the Soviet Union as a nation that had heroically defeated Nazism, rewritten in one hour, and others to Polish Catin, June 1940.

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In an analysis of Canada’s “no” reasons, Hillel Neuer, Managing Director of UN Monitoring, said the human rights NGO, which has been accused of overseeing compliance with UN mission, As explained, in 2015The Russian resolution must be interpreted as an element “Rhetorical war” In which “All departures from Russian nationalism are discredited under the guise of fascism or collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.”

Currently, for Moscow, the most extendable charge “Nazism” It involves both adherence to Hitler’s doctrine and a little Atlanticist sympathy. It continues to be used against its neighboring states Baltic countries in 2007 And 2013, Or Ukraine. The Russian resolution at the UN is seen as a threat by the latter. There is Lithuania Condemned in 2014 A maneuver “Contempt”Comes from a country “It carries out brutal attacks against its neighbors.” By intervening in Georgia in 2008 or in Crimea in 2014. “Russia seeks to attack Baltic states and write history in its own way”In 2020, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Lingavicius mourned.

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The European Union withdraws every year in solidarity with its member states and allies on the border with Russia. In 2020, Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Justified this diplomatic position As by condemning the Russian resolution at the UN “A simple discourse aimed at dividing the Europeans by uniting all the opposition of the Soviet forces to the Nazi regime,” [qui] The struggle against racism is reduced to memory questions related to World War II, which presents a distorted view.

Specific reasons for US and Ukrainian numbers

If neither the EU nor NATO members voted during the UN referendum in December 2021, the US and Ukraine would face off for slightly different reasons. As for Washington, it is a question of defending the US Constitution, more precisely His first correctionIt recognizes all comments and expresses the most hateful comments.

As for Ukraine, which did not vote in 2012 and 2013, the “Orange Revolution”, the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the Donbass War in 2014 became the number one issue. In 2019, the Ukrainian delegation to the United Nations Justified his opposition The Russian double game presents itself as the hero of the anti-Nazi struggle, but ignores the 1939 German-Soviet treaty, or the millions of deaths caused by the famine caused by the Stalinist regime in Ukraine from 1932-1933.

After all, it condemns contemporaries “Moscow seeks to unite with far-right political forces on the continent and beyond.”And this “Democracy’s repression in Russia and its continued aggression against Ukraine”.

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