Xbox plans to introduce at least 5 new exclusives over the next year

As Xbox prepares for its massive size Xbox and Bethesda Gallery On Sunday, the company spoke with the press earlier this week to clear the way. During a briefing, they confirmed it Xbox Cloud Gaming will get its first TV app In the 2022 Samsung range, along with the ability to stream games you eventually bought that aren’t part of the Xbox Game Pass library. In addition, exclusive Xbox game demos will also appear in Xbox Game Pass service, as the cloud platform expands to new countries with more servers to meet global demand.

As Xbox increasingly looks to the cloud and the Xbox Game Pass subscription service grows, exclusive content is becoming increasingly important across all of its segments, including PC and console as well. Last year Microsoft took first place on Metacritic’s publisher chart for review results, and it will look to achieve the same over the next fiscal year, which begins for Microsoft in July.

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