2022 NBA Finals: Warriors note that the edge in Celtics’ TD Garden is 2 inches while warming up for Game 3

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2022 NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors And the Boston Celtics Turned Boston into a pivotal game 3 Wednesday night – It was a competition that the Celtics won 2-1.

Players generally make sure to minimize distractions at such a critical time in the post-season, allowing themselves to focus on the title pursuit. Prior to Game 3, there was one major distraction that warriors could not ignore. While warming up before the match, some warriors noticed that something was off with a basket. They made their objections clear, and TD Garden staff took out a measuring stick to confirm the height.

Sure enough, the rim was two inches longer than the regulatory height of 10 feet, According to Kendra Andrews of ESPN. Some of you may be wondering, “Two inches, what’s the big problem?” There is a huge difference between shooting at a 10-foot basket and one with a 10-foot-2 basket. It was clearly an important enough change for the players to notice, and luckily they fixed it before the tip.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked about the situation before the game and joked, “It’s good that the game starts at midnight,” referring to the 9pm EST.

“It happens every now and then,” Kerr said. “The players have really insight into that. The players can tell.”

Dub Nation is already starting to cry plot — suggesting that the Celtics purposely raised the bar to get rid of Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and the rest of the Warriors’ shooters — but, as Kerr said, these things happen from time to time.

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The good news is that the escort crew has corrected the situation before the game starts. If the Warriors noticed this in the middle of the first quarter and ended up losing the match, there would undoubtedly have been an intense cry.

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