A chair kick helps Spears Wardlow get his match with MJF

In order to secure the match he really wanted – against Maxwell Jacob Friedman in double or nothing To be laid off from his contract – Wardlow had already taken ten lashes from his boss, and the inevitable beatings from Friedman and his minions, Sean Spears, that followed. But he still has another hurdle to clear on May 25 dynamite. He had to defeat Spears in a steel cage match, with MJF as the referee. And he couldn’t put a finger on Max!

As if that didn’t hang on deck enough, Friedman “couldn’t find” the key to the handcuffs Wardlow had to wear when he came to the rink. MJF & Spears proceeded to attack the chained man, until Mr. Mayhem was cut off. Literally.

It wasn’t enough. The MJF refused to count Wardlow’s pin count, and used the president’s fast counts. But this chair did heel, when War Dog slipped a shot that brought down referee Max.

With Friedman’s downfall, Spears took over the Powerbomb Symphony and when Bryce Remsburg slipped as the alternate reference, he got the cover and match for double or nothing.

Black jersey security prevented Wardlow from doing anything to MJF, but Smart Mark Sterling might have some other names his collective claim.

And the T-Mobile Arena may need a new roof when Friedman gets bombed on Sunday.

Get full results and coverage of everything that happened tonight dynamite here.

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