At least two people have been killed in a Russian airstrike on an administrative building in Mikoil.

11:55 am .: Why did the Russian defense minister disappear from radar for two weeks?

This Saturday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appeared in a video. He was usually very present and had been completely hidden from the Russian media for two weeks. According to our colleagues FigaroSeveral hypotheses can explain this silence.

The audience first thought of a refinement. With the massive defeat of the Blitzkrieg invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s military advisers may have been expelled from the government in retaliation. Valery Kurosimov, Russia’s chief executive officer, particularly close to Sergei Soyko, has been avoiding cameras since March 11.

Vladimir Putin can accuse the Ministry of Defense of opposing the invasion, and his daughter posted a photo on Instagram using the colors of Ukraine. Finally, he is suspected of leaking information to Washington or London. In fact, the newspaper writes that “the Kremlin master was not particularly pleased to see his plans for a military invasion of Ukraine revealed in the United States and the United Kingdom.”

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