Kiev believes there are not enough troops on Russia’s border for a “full-scale offensive.”

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy still believes that Russian troops already stationed are a “threat” to his country.

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Despite high tensions with Russia, Kiev did not expect an immediate attack. Number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine “This is not enough for a full-scale offensive against Ukraine on the entire Ukrainian border.”, The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, assessed during a press conference on Wednesday, January 26th.

Russia has stationed tens of thousands of troops on the border in recent months and has stepped up military maneuvers, the latest of which began on Tuesday. However, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy agreed That “Indicates threat to Ukraine”.

As for Kiev, Moscow is currently running an initiative “Instability” Inside “Sowing panic, putting pressure on the Ukrainian financial system, launching cyber attacks against Ukraine”, Argued Dmytro Kouleba.

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