Direct Ukraine: Zhelensky promises that Russia will continue to attack the Baltic states and Eastern Europe


Kosovo condemns Russia’s attack

The Kosovo parliament condemns the “illegal, unnecessary and unjustified” attack on Ukraine, although it does not recognize the independence of this former Serbian province. “The legislature of the Republic of Kosovo stands with its Western allies in supporting Ukraine and its people,” underlined the promised speech.


Russian oil company Lukoil has called for an end to the war

“We recommend a speedy end to the armed conflict and unequivocally support its resolution through negotiations and diplomatic means,” the board of directors of the Second Russian Oil Group explained in a statement.


Zhelensky promises that Russia will attack the Baltic states and Eastern Europe after Ukraine

“If we disappear, may God protect us, be it Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Up to the Berlin Wall, trust me,” the Ukrainian president told reporters.


The European Union (EU) has agreed to provide “temporary protection” for refugees, Dormann says

“The European Union will provide temporary protection for war survivors in Ukraine,” the interior minister wrote in a tweet. European Interior Ministers reached an agreement in Brussels.


Were Russian anti-war protesters sent to Ukraine?

According to a correspondent for Le Monde in Moscow, two Russian envoys have filed a bill to forcibly deport detainees to Russia during protests against the conflict in Ukraine.


Nine people were killed in a Russian attack on Chernikov

“A Russian plane has hit two schools in the Stara Potsudovka district. According to the emergency services, the initial report showed that nine people were killed and four were injured, “said the governor of the city, located 150 km north of Kiev in a telegram.


“Immediate ceasefire”

“We begin to discuss with the Russian delegation. The key points on the agenda are the immediate ceasefire, the ceasefire and the humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians from the destroyed or continuing bombing cities and villages,” Mikhail Podoliyak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, said on Twitter.



Georgia officially submits an application to join the European Union

After Ukraine, Georgia. Situated on Russia’s border east of the Black Sea, the country has been the home of two pro – Russian separatist regions, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, since 2008 and wants to join the European Union. According to its prime minister, this is a “strategic objective”.


Andorra takes sanctions like the EU

The small Byronian president adopts legislation allowing the use of sanctions against Russian companies and individuals with assets in them.


Opposition television station Dojt suspends its work

“We need strength, we need to breathe a little and understand how it works. We hope we will continue to broadcast again,” explains its director, whose channel has been blocked by the Russian regulator, who criticizes her for covering up the war.


Ikea suspends operations in Russia and Belarus

“These results will have a direct impact on about 15,000 employees, and the companies within the group will ensure job and income security and support for them and their families,” the Swedish company said in a statement.


“The worst is yet to come”

Elysee notes that the call between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin this Thursday morning was “at the initiative of President Putin.” The French head of state said the “worst case scenario” had not yet taken place.

The Russian president told his French opponent that he was “determined to continue military action to the end”, believing it was “going according to plan.” “Putin said it was a move against Nazism,” Elysee continued. “Until Ukraine accepts unacceptable conditions, the situation will worsen.”



The courage of the Ukrainians was praised by the highest-ranking Americans

General Mark Millie, a high-ranking American, praised the courage and determination of the Ukrainian soldiers who continued to block the advance of the Russian forces. “The Ukrainian army is fighting with extraordinary courage and skill Russian forces are in considerable numbers It’s the best weapon, “said Brussels, chief of staff in Brussels. NATO


Germany expects ‘significant economic consequences’

Berlin expects Western barriers Economy Minister Robert Hebek says retaliation against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has “significant consequences” on its own economy. “One can fear that the impact of sanctions and war, even minor setbacks, will have major repercussions,” he said, adding that the consequences were “predictable and already somewhat noticeable”.


UNESCO has condemned attacks on schools

UNESCO has strongly condemned Russia’s attacks on educational infrastructure in Ukraine, saying it is “very concerned” about the damage. Kharkiv cities And Chernihiv.


The city of Mariupol was threatened with siege

Mayor of Ukrainian strategic city Mariupol It accuses Russian and pro-Russian forces of wanting to besiege the port city, blocking discharges and supplies from this important Ukrainian port in the Sea of ​​Azov. “They destroyed bridges and destroyed trains to prevent our wives, children and the elderly from being taken out. They prevent us from getting the goods, ”Vadim Botchenko told the Telegram.


Vladimir Putin promises to increase his demands against Kiev

Russian President Emmanuel Macron says he will continue his struggle against nationalists in Ukraine “without compromise.” The head of state also promised to increase his demands against Kiev.



The Russia Today channel will no longer be broadcast in the UK

“From the moment Putin (Russian President Vladimir) began his invasion, I was very clear that he could not use our open and free media to spread poisonous propaganda into British homes,” said Culture Minister Nadine Doris. , Before the delegates.


The Ukrainian delegation wants to hold talks with Russia on “humanitarian corridors”

“In two hours, we will start (negotiations). Minimum project: Humanitarian corridors. The rest depends on the situation, ”David Arakamiya, one of the Ukrainian negotiators, said on Facebook.


Toyota and Volkswagen have suspended operations in Russia

Citing “supply chain disruptions” related to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Japanese manufacturer will suspend production and import of silver “until further notice”. For its part, Volkswagen announces that it will “interrupt exports to Russia with immediate effect” represented by sales of 220,000 units and 2.4% by 2020, with deliveries to dealers already at an end. ‘Stopped.

The group will close its two bases in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod “until further notice”, employing about 4,000 people who will be paid under partial unemployment.


The UN says the nuclear threat weighs on “the whole of humanity.”

“The Russian Federation’s military offensive in Ukraine has opened a new and dangerous chapter in world history,” said Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva. “Raising the level of nuclear weapons warnings underscores the seriousness of the dangers facing humanity as a whole,” he added.


Costex: “We are not in the logic of war”

The Prime Minister explains to the TF1 news broadcast the French strategy in the face of the Russian invasion: “Our logic is not the logic of war, but the logic of expansion. But there is no denying that it is very difficult.

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