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Star Trek: Discovery about to finish.

The Paramount + sci-fi drama will begin its final journey with its upcoming fifth season.

Sources say principal photography for the season is mostly complete. But with this move to end the show, there will be additional filming involved to help craft a series finale. The fifth and final season will premiere in early 2024.

It was launched in 2017. Discovery It is credited with successfully launching a new era of Trek TV. The series, starring Sonequa Martin-Green, was announced as the first a trip A show headed by a black woman, in addition to marking other firsts along the way in LGBTQIA+ representation, as well as pioneering the 50-year-old franchise’s most serialized storytelling format. Discovery It also helped launch the CBS streaming service (then called CBS All Access) and currently stands as Paramount+’s longest-running drama. success Discovery led to many others a trip Projects being developed, including animated shows lower floors And miracle.

“When we first started talking about the return of Star Trek eight years ago, we could never have imagined the indelible impact it would have. Star Trek: Discovery said David Stapf, president of CBS Studios. The series brought back a beloved global franchise, just like its predecessors Discovery Honoring Star Trek’s legacy of “endless variety in infinite combinations,” representing the best we can be as human beings when we celebrate our differences. ”

The move comes on the heels of Paramount + announcing another Trek team member, Star Trek: PicardIt will conclude with its current third season.

The discovery team released statements about the decision. Executive producers and co-showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise wrote: Star Trek: Discovery to the world. The Trek universe means so much to so many – including us – and we couldn’t be more proud of it all Discovery She contributed to her legacy, particularly with acting. If one person sees themselves, or their future prospects, in a new way because of DiscoveryThen we think we’d make Gene Roddenberry very proud. Of course, there won’t be Discovery Without Sonequa Martin-Green and the extraordinary team of performers, both in front of and behind the camera, who bring this show to life. Their passion and determination to make every episode special has been so inspiring; So is their love and support for each other and their true love for Star Trek. Discovery They truly became family over the years – and we couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it. To audiences around the world, thank you for joining us on this amazing journey. Your love for these characters and the excitement of every episode and season means the world to us. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on for this final season; We appreciate your patience in the meantime and trust us when we say it was worth the wait. We love you all! LLAP

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Martin Green wrote: “I can hardly believe this amazing journey with Discovery expire. I have been amazingly blessed to play Captain Michael Burnham and to share a legacy along with an extraordinary cast, an exceptional cast and an amazing writing team. To our most supportive partners CBS Studios and Paramount+, who have insisted on making TV history, I am so grateful. I’m also incredibly grateful for the creative collaborations with our showrunners Michelle Paradis and Alex Kurtzman, as well as Olatunde Osunsanmi and an unrivaled team of executive producers. I will never forget what it felt like to stand together as a show family, embracing the Trek legacy with all those from the franchise in general and with the fans. Fans welcomed us to their hearts as we launched a new version of Trek and a complete entertainment platform that we will never forget. 65 episodes later, here’s company Star Trek: DiscoveryTo the program and its fifth and final season, to its beloved fans and to all who envision a better future. Let’s fly…”

Tanya Giles, Chief Programming Officer, Paramount Streaming, added:Star Trek: Discovery He is a perennial favorite on duty, near and dear to the hearts of legions of “Star Trek” fans as well as all of us here at Paramount+. The series and its amazing team and creators ushered in a new era for Star Trek when it debuted over six years ago, embracing the future of broadcasting through serialized storytelling, bringing to life deep, complex characters that honor Gene Roddenberry’s legacy of representing diversity and inclusion, and pushing the envelope through Award-winning world building. The final season will see our beloved crew embark on a new adventure and we can’t wait to celebrate the series’ impact on the franchise leading up to its final season early next year.”

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The decision follows Paramount Global Chief Financial Officer Naveen Chopra’s announcement to an investor conference on February 28 that the company may spend less on streaming content in 2024 than previously expected due to the integration of Paramount+ and Showtime.

leave Discovery secures offs Star Trek: Strange New Worlds The new undisputed captain of Paramount+’s Star Trek franchise fleet. Strange new worlds Embraced Planet Style Week The original series It launched last May with a 99 percent positive score on Rotten Tomatoes. Paramount + said Strange new worlds It was the most watched new a trip A series about services through the first 90 days, the company promoted the series in a Super Bowl ad last month. The show returns for a second season sometime this year.

Kurtzman has also teased the development of another possible spin-off, Star Trek: Academy, which will focus on a new generation of young students. However, nothing has been officially announced on this front. Kurtzman is one of Paramount Global’s premier producers and has found successes outside of Paramount’s Trek franchise_ through his deal with CBS Studios. He signed his second nine-figure deal with David Stapf-led CBS Studios in 2021.

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