“In Donbass, Moscow will face the Ukrainian army, which has been preparing for this fight since 2014.”

Russian rope tightens. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky On Monday he confirmed what he had been predicting for weeks, with his Russian envoy attacking eastern Ukraine by the throat. Stopping almost all the men and artillery, Vladimir Putin Wants to conquer the region closest to its borders and at the same time declare its victory. After trying to attack strategic cities like Kiev or Mariupol, in the south and north, how Kremlin Does he want to beat Donbass? Can it be opposed by the Ukrainian military? Answers with General Dominique Trincomalee, former head of the French military service to the UN.

Dominique Trincomalee, former head of the French military service to the UN ?. – iPhone de Trinquand

What will the “Battle of Donbass” look like?

We are entering a very classic battle. The Russians announced three weeks ago that they would focus on their efforts Donbass. This means abandoning the ongoing military offensive in kyiv and north. Now, in Donbass, it will be a question of confronting the Ukrainian army, which has been preparing for this conflict since 2014. To this end, both Russians will use artillery to crush the defenses of their Ukrainian enemies, but will make advances to break them. Finally, Moscow’s armed forces will try to evade Volodymyr Zhelensky’s army by cutting off reinforcements from the west, with a movement starting from the north to the south.

Why are we so afraid of this war?

Because all the Russian means are concentrated there. It refers to heavy artillery and so a lot of losses. But this “Battle of Donbass” is a final stage Russians. Following this move, President Vladimir Putin announced victory or President Volodymyr Zhelensky does so. But one of the two will win.

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This “Donbass War” will last for several days kyiv said ?

It can last even longer. Everyone has in mind that Vladimir Putin wants a victory ahead of the May 9 index date [fête patriotique russe], In two and a half weeks. Will he succeed then? I do not know. And is this May 9th really real? I do not know.

Can Ukraine militarily oppose fighting in the East?

Ukraine has a real advantage because it has been produced exclusively in this area since 2014. Ukrainians have firing plans, they are trained, they are even protected by trenches or concrete shelters. On the other hand, because the reinforcements came from the West, their relationship was much longer, i.e. vice versa. The Russians, on the other hand, have had little communication since they arrived in the Donbass as they approached their borders.

Following this “war on Donbass”, President Vladimir Putin declared victory or President Volodymyr Zhelensky will do so. ⁇

Is this attack different from the one carried out in kyiv? Why?

Yes, completely different. First, have Kiev, The Russian government wanted to overthrow the Ukrainian government quickly and should not use force. Since then, Russian forces have never been able to get within 20 kilometers of the capital. So the city was threatened but not directly attacked. There will be a formal shell attack on Donbass. Moreover, the Ukrainians have been asking civilians to leave the area for weeks because they too will be the target of these bombings.

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Did the Russian army stop at Mariupol?

This is the stage to take the last fort, not to step on it Like Mariupol The Azovstal steel plant located in the harbor is very hard. There, Ukrainian forces have been preparing for four weeks. The castle will have six basement floors, which makes the seizures much more complicated for the Russians. Also, there are very determined fighters in Mariupol. By constantly fighting, they will know how to prevent Russian forces concentrated in that area from going elsewhere, so in Donbass. They also know that all eyes are on them. For the morale of Ukrainian troops, it is important that they resist.

Can it be said that Moscow has changed its military strategy since the beginning of the war?

Yes. The initial strategy is to seize power without using force. Moscow Failure. So four weeks later the Kremlin took another turn, now aiming to focus on the only axis that had advanced so far, that is, the south / south-east axis. The idea is to have only one success: to catch the Donbass.

Would Russia have abandoned the rest of Ukraine, except for Donbass?

Yes. Russia has now abandoned other parts of Ukraine. She knew she could not conquer or occupy the rest of the country. Considering the difficulties in the area and the Western mobilization, at this point, it seems to me that this is a very badly started affair. If so, that does not mean that Moscow will not try to get the rest of Ukraine later.

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