In Spain, environmentalists sprayed coke in the cage of an Egyptian mummy

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Environmentalists throw Coca-Cola at the cage of an Egyptian mummy at a museum in Barcelona, ​​Spain (pictured).

Spain – Environmentalists toppled the mummy’s glass cage at the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona this Sunday, November 13. To COP27 in Egypt in the face of climate change.

Two young activists, a man and a woman belong to the group “Futuro Vegetable”A glass cage was sprayed with fake petroleum using plastic bottles of Coca-Cola, then fake blood on the walls.

Then they unveiled a huge banner “Climate Justice”Kanditu A “Copa-Cola” As noted above cop27 One of the official sponsors of the conference was Sharm El-Sheikh, the conference in Egypt and Coca-Cola (Check out the video below)

The soft drink company has been condemned by many environmental NGOs around the world for what it considers polluting practices, particularly because of the mass production of plastic bottles.

When the police arrived, the young activists cooperated and were not arrested. However, the Egyptian Museum has indicated that it intends to file a complaint because of the damage.

Proliferating actions in the world

Activists from the same group affiliated with the Collective Extinction Rebellion glued their hands to the frames of paintings by Francisco Goya at the Prado Museum in Madrid on November 5 to draw attention to global warming. “unreasonable” By the Spanish Minister of Culture.

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Nearly a hundred international museums have declared themselves “Deep Shock” By actions aimed at the works of art organized on Thursday By environmentalistsand recalled their protective role.

Some other actions of this type carried out in recent weeks By climate activists, they have targeted iconic buildings, but also famous works of art in many cities across Europe.

Environmentalists tried unsuccessfully to fold their hands in Oslo on Friday The ScreamNorwegian painter Edvard Munch’s iconic masterpiece condemns the oil industry in Norway.

Earlier this month, two ‘Last Generation’ enthusiasts spilled mashed potatoes on the glass that protects Claude Monet’s canvas. Millstones, In the Barberini Museum, PotsdamIn Germany.

Activists also glued themselves to the mirror Girl with pearl earring By Johannes Vermeer In a museum in the Netherlands. Others threw soup at the defender sunflower By Vincent van Gogh At the National Gallery, London.

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