Joe Biden is taking steps to protect personal data

US President Joe Biden, who has been heavily criticized for protecting abortion rights, will take a series of regulatory measures on Friday July 8 to fight, among other things, “Digital Surveillance” Women can be affected.

A step contacted At the White House, Mr. Biden will sign an executive order that includes a series of efforts, albeit limited and often highly restrictive, in response to a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

It ended the constitutional right to abortion on June 24 and seven conservative states have already banned access to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG). Many more are to follow.

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On the final day, Mr “The Tragic Error” It also announced two regulatory measures on access to abortion pills and the right of women seeking abortions to travel to other states.

“Fight Digital Surveillance”

Since then, the president has been more or less silent on the matter, drawing even harsher criticism from his own camp, the Democratic Party, which prefers more spectacular measures or, failing that, more aggressive communications.

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He will try to answer them during a Friday noon speech to explain his new initiatives, beginning with a promise to “Protection of sensitive health information” And “War Digital Surveillance”According to a report by the US Executive.

Online Data Risks

Many activists warn of the dangers of online data, such as data collected by geolocation or menstrual cycle tracking apps.

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Mr. The text Biden is signing also promises, but does not provide practical details, to protect mobile clinics that operate outside the borders of states that have banned abortions. The White House wants to guarantee access to contraception, especially the morning after pill and IUDs.

The US administration intends to organize a network of volunteer advocates to guarantee that American women can travel into the US if they decide to have an abortion.

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