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Govt-19 epidemic in FranceDocument

Different Omigron, Fifth Wave, Third Dose, Infection Report, New Therapies … Discover the latest information on the health crisis associated with Kovit-19 infection.

In short:

– More than 338,000 new corona virus infections (on average 7 days) were recorded in France on Sunday, according to health officials, which has been declining slightly since the middle of the week.

However, French hospitals are in a state of tension. As many as 31,536 people were admitted to hospital on Sunday for Covit-19 cases, a slight increase from 28,838 7 days ago.

– As the Winter Olympics begin on Friday, China is trying to somehow use its strategy. “Zero Govt”. Twenty new cases of Govt-19 were reported in Beijing on Sunday, the largest daily number since June 2020.


Germany loses its vaccination target. The German government, which had set a goal of reaching 80% of vaccine coverage by the end of January, has not succeeded. This Monday, January 31st, the vaccination rate across the Rhine was only 75.8%. Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit did not specify a new date for reaching the 80% limit, but stressed the need to increase vaccination rates.


In Cyprus, priests who are not vaccinated will be suspended. Govt law is stronger than God. The head of the Orthodox Church in Cyprus, Archbishop Chrysostomos II, said on Sunday that a dozen clergymen in his diocese would be suspended for three months from Tuesday if they refused to be vaccinated. Priests and theologians refuse to be vaccinated “Selfish motives”, And the influence of the faithful, accusing the pastor of supporting the government vaccination campaign from the beginning. Overall, about 74.7% of the population of Cyprus received the first dose of the vaccine.

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End of obligation to vaccinate scheduled caregivers in the UK. Health Secretary Sajid David is scheduled to meet the Cabinet Committee on Govt Operations today to discuss changing the vaccine duty. Health workers who must have taken two shots by April may eventually be exempt. Patricia Marquez, director of the Royal College of Nursing, which represents all nurses in the country, believes such a decision is reasonable given the low risk of omigran variation. “Currently our main problem is the shortage of nurses. It makes no sense to lose thousands and other health workers. “, She said on BBC Radio4.


Spotify announces action against Govt misinformation. That could be the beginning of the end of the controversy surrounding hosting the Swedish streaming service Antivox Podcasts. Its founder, Daniel Eck, announced the introduction of Covid-19-inspired links in all its podcasts, which will guide its users to factual and scientifically based information. Meanwhile, comedian Joe Rogan has sparked controversy by commenting on the vaccine on one of his shows. He apologized in a video posted on Instagram. Last week, Canadian folk heroes Neil Young and Johnny Mitchell made the decision Remove all their music Top Streaming Podcasts on Spotify in 2021 Streaming Platform.


Austria removes locks for those who have not been vaccinated. About 320,000 Austrians who were reluctant to be vaccinated regained their independence today. They have been forced to stay home since November. Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein justified the decision by easing pressure on hospitals. However, they will be excluded from restaurants, hotels, cultural and sports venues that require a vaccination pass and will be subject to the vaccination obligation, which takes effect February 4. If any offender is vaccinated within two weeks from this date, a hefty fine will be imposed.

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Paxlovit is available in France in February. Following the approval of the European Pharmaceuticals Agency on Thursday, The anti-covid tablet from the manufacturer Pfizer is marketed under the name Paxlovid, To come to France in February. “Paxlovit is the first oral antiviral drug recommended in the EU for the treatment of Govit-19” According to EMA. On the other hand, ANSM Pharmaceuticals on Friday rejected a request for approval of synthetic antibodies against Kovit-19. Produced by the French company Xenothera, Due to lack“Therapeutic benefit” This time it has been proven, he said.


Pollution peaks in Beijing ahead of the Olympics. Twenty new Govt-19 cases were reported in Beijing on Sunday, the largest daily number since June 2020. Chinese authorities are battling infections in several cities and in the “health bubble” of the Winter Olympics. Friday. About 60,000 people are being tested daily as part of a health bubble to prevent any contact with local people.


Canada: Protests and insults. The police said that the opposition opposing health measures were opposed to their opposition from Saturday to one night on Saturday since Saturday in Ottawa, while the criminal investigations were opened to discredit the national monuments. Truckers sympathizing with the “Freedom Conway” blocked a highway across the border to the other side of the country in western Canada. They oppose the obligation to vaccinate across the world’s longest Canadian-American land border.

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