Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa retaliates with an absolute majority

“An absolute majority is not absolute power, it is not governing alone, CIt is a responsibility and it must rule with all the Portuguese and for them. ⁇ With nearly 42% of the vote in the Republican Assembly and at least 117 of the 230 seats (the votes of the Portuguese living abroad are uncounted), the Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, is shown as a co-ordinator in the House of Representatives from Sunday, January 30, until late on Sunday night, January 30 Celebrated immense success.

The Socialist has won his race. At the end of the ballot, he not only confirms his mandate, but also gets the absolute majority that voters have been constantly asking for in recent weeks. This will allow him to rule with an independent hand without relying on his former allies on the left – either the extreme left Bloc’s party or the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP). In October 2021, these two parties refused to support the 2022 Finance Act, which they considered unpopular in terms of public investment and social action, thus hastening the holding of early elections.

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“Without a stable majority, we will go from crisis to crisis.”, Mr. during the campaign. Beat Costa, he did not want to submit to the demands of the two parties on his left, he ruled for the last six years as best he could. This weak union of the left has earned a disgraceful nickname “Lingonca”, The “thing”, which allowed socialism to seize power from the right, took first place in 2015. He lived.

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“Concentration of effective votes”

With 4.5% of the vote and five delegates, fourteen less than in the 2019 legislative elections, Bloco suffered a major defeat in the polls. From third political power, he moved up to sixth on the restructured political chessboard. “Mr. Costa created an artificial crisis to get an absolute majority. His blackmail seems to have succeeded. False dichotomy created a concentration of useful votes, which punished the left. “, Comment, bitter, Bloco leader, Catarina Martins. A similar diagnosis was made among communists who were satisfied with 4.4% of the vote and 5 seats over 2019.

Andre Ventura, leader of the far-right Seka party, finished third in the January 30, 2022 assembly election in Lisbon.

This decline of the alternative left allows the far-right party Seka (“enough”) to take third place with 7.5% of the vote and twelve delegates. He won the 2019 Assembly election with 1.3% of the vote and only one seat, which exploded him in the Portuguese political scene. “From now on, there will be only good opposition to Antonio Costa in Parliament.”, Announced on Sunday, excitedly by its chairman, Andre Ventura, “ The dignity of this country must be restored. This former sports commentator opposes abortion, supports the death penalty, and willingly manipulates populist rhetoric with racist overtones – he proposed to restrict passengers during epidemics..

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