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Relations between France and Mali have been affected by August 2020 and two military coups. Paris openly questions the legitimacy of the new power in Mali. France has also been angered by the rise of the Wagner force, created by Russian mercenaries. What is really going on in the land?

Next to Bamako Airport (Mali), an army camp was formed in a few weeks. Dozens of players train there. Russian-made armored vehicles and a troop transport helicopter are also available in Russian. According to experts, this is an emergency camp built for mercenaries from the Russian paramilitary group Wagner. According to the magazine’s security expert Vincent Lamigian ChallengesThey will currently be 450 fighters.

From this camp, Wagner’s men would have been wisely stationed in the center of the country and in the north. The paramilitary group advances as the French army retreats. Today, they are less than 200 kilometers from each other. Until now, Malian authorities have always refused to appeal to the Wagner group. They only acknowledge that they received help and weapons from Russian military trainers. In Russia, on the other hand, propaganda videos are broadcast on social networks showing France as the enemy.

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