Live war in Ukraine: “This war is already a defeat for Putin,” Biden begins


  • The Russian military has announced that it will now concentrate In the east of the country And the “liberation” of the Donbass.
  • The mayor of Kiev is finally abandoning a new curfew order in the Ukrainian capital.
  • Two Russian attacks have injured at least five people in the relatively unaffected city of Lviv in western Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has accused Russia of pursuing a nuclear arms race. Speech at the Doha Forum in Qatar.
  • Emmanuel Macron announced that France, Turkey and Greece would take “humanitarian action” to evacuate Mariupol.


The Russian people are not the “enemy.”

Joe Biden, who posed a great challenge to Russia during his speech in Warsaw, said a word to the Russian people. “He is not our enemy.


Biden challenges Russia

Do not even think of advancing one centimeter within the NATO border, ”the US president told the Russian military. “US forces are not in Europe to engage in conflict with Russian forces. We are there to protect NATO allies,” he said.


“Failed for Putin”

“This war is already a defeat for Putin,” Beaten begins, referring to the Russian president as the “culprit” of the war.


Biden praised Poland’s ‘unity’

“The Polish people have shown tremendous solidarity,” he said, saluting Joe Biden over the massive reception of refugees in Poland, where more than two million Ukrainians have already been welcomed.


Biden discusses obstacles

“We hit their economy by stopping imports of Russian goods,” the US president explains, cheering that “the ruble has been reduced.”


“Putin has an imperial plan.”

Joe Biden, who earlier today called the Russian president a “butcher”, talks about his Russian president. “He has the courage to believe that strength does justice. Vladimir Putin is not interested in the talks, but only lies,” explains Joe Biden, who regrets that “Russia has chosen war.”



Joe Biden speaks from Warsaw

US President speaks on a two-day visit to Poland.


In Mariupol, Macron promises that the desired humanitarian operation will be complex

President Emmanuel Macron wants to expel all civilians who want to do so from the besieged city. But his humanitarian action depends on the will of the Russian forces, which will complicate the steps on the spot. Descriptions.


Half of the Ukrainians are ready to fight, according to opinion polls

According to a study by the Norwegian Research Center, almost half of Ukrainians between the ages of 18 and 55 are ready to take part in the fight against the Russian invasion. For men, the share is about 70% and for women it is 30%.


Thousands of protesters in London

The London procession set out from the outskirts of Hyde Park to reach Trafalgar Square, where a rally in support of the Ukrainian people is scheduled for the afternoon. The mayor of the British capital, Sadiq Khan, was one of those who called for the protest.


At least five people were injured in Lviv

At least five people have been injured in strikes targeting the city in western Ukraine, a regional governor has announced, listing two strikes. Not knowing exactly what kind of building or infrastructure was affected, they targeted the city’s eastern district of Litskivsky.


South Ossetia is sending troops to help the Russian army

The self-proclaimed republic, which broke away from Georgia, announces that it will send troops to Ukraine to “defend Russia.” “Our comrades are going to fulfill their military duty and the flag is proudly hoisted,” self-proclaimed Republican leader Anatoly Biplov said in a telegram.


Explosions were heard in Liv

According to several journalists in the city to the west of the country, three strong explosions were heard near the city. It looks like thick black smoke without knowing its origin.



Strict action on the use of the letter ‘Z’ in Germany

The two main German territories, Bavaria and Lower Saxony, will sue those who publicly use the letter “Z” in Ukraine in support of Russia’s war. “They expect criminal consequences,” Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius said in a statement.


Chernikov is surrounded by Russians

The city, located 120 km northeast of Kiev, is under siege by Russian forces, according to Mayor Vladislav Atrochenko, and mass evacuations of civilians and wounded are unlikely. “The city is reduced to ashes,” he lamented.


France plans to buy an additional liquefied petroleum gas terminal

A plan to install a floating liquefied natural gas (NG) import terminal at Le Havre Port is under study. Echoes. The infrastructure project aims to reduce reliance on pipeline Russian gas and increase LNG imports by ship from the twenty exporting countries.


Biden called Putin a “butcher.”

The US president is visiting Poland for two days to show his solidarity with Warsaw, which was particularly affected by the Russian invasion. He made the remarks during a meeting with refugees.


The mine found at the Phosphorus Gateway has been deactivated

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Agar has announced that an unsealed tunnel that could have moved from Ukraine to Turkey’s Phosphorus Strait has been shut down by the Turkish navy. According to the private Turkish channel NTV, the discovered mine contained 30 kg of ammunition and was an old Russian-made mine.


The mayor of the Ukrainian city was arrested and later released


Section 5 of NATO is “a sacred duty” to the United States

US President Joe Biden reaffirms in Warsaw NATO agreement, It is a “sacred duty” for the United States to impose the condition that an attack on an organ country is an attack on all. The head of state made the pledge during a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda The country fears the occupation of Moscow After the eruption of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


The mayor of Kiev withdrew from imposing a new curfew order

Mayor of Kiev Finally, he abandons the implementation of the new 35-hour curfew from Saturday evening, only to return to the curfew from 8pm to 7am every evening. Now the usual curfew will be enforced, and the capital’s mayor Vitaly Klitschko will give no explanation for the change, saying “we can move freely in Kiev on Sunday afternoon.”


Misinformation is like “World War III”

Ukrainian First Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Djaparova compares the use Misinformation During the conflict in Ukraine at the beginning of the “Third World War”. Russia has devoted considerable resources to reporting on the media and social media the version of the war that has been touted as a “special operation.” Ukraine “Tenacify”. “We are entering a third world war, not a regular conflict, but an information war,” promises Emine Djaparova, a former journalist at the Doha Forum in Qatar.


Japan and the United States have warned against using nuclear weapons

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel have warned against using Russia.Nuclear weapons When the U.S. went to Hiroshima, one of the two targets of the atomic bombing.

Their warning comes as Moscow has refused to rule out the possibility of maintaining its nuclear arsenal, promising that Russia could use it in Ukraine in the event of a “threat to existence.”

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