Live – War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin promises “victory is ours, as it was in 1945.”

Vladimir Putin promises, “As in 1945, victory is ours.”

During his May 8 election, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that “victory will be ours, as it was in 1945,” which increased the comparisons between World War II and the conflict in Ukraine.


In a passage targeting Ukrainians, the Russian president added, “Unfortunately, today Nazism is resurfacing.”

It is our sacred duty to prevent the so-called “ideological heirs of the defeated” from “taking revenge on them” in the so-called “Great Patriotic War” in Moscow.

German Bundestag President visits Kiev

Bärbel Bas, chairman of the German Bundestock, visits Kyiv on Sunday.

According to the British daily The Guardian, the elected Socialist is in the Ukrainian capital to honor the victims of World War II, but discuss the support given to Ukraine.

The death toll from a school bombing in the Luhansk region has risen to 60

At least 60 people have been reported missing in a bomb blast near a refugee school in the eastern Ukraine’s Lukansk region, regional governor Sergei Keita said on Sunday.

“The village of Pilogorivka was under airstrikes. The bombs hit the school and, unfortunately, it was completely destroyed,” the governor said in his telegram account.

“There were 90 people in total. 27 people were rescued (…) Sixty people at the school may have died,” he said.

A bomb blast near a school in the Luhansk region has killed at least two people

At least two people were killed Saturday in a bomb blast at a school in the Ukrainian village of Plovdiv.

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The governor said Russian forces targeted the school where more than 90 asylum seekers were located on Saturday afternoon. So far 30 people have been rescued.

“The fire was extinguished after about 4 hours. Then the debris was removed and two bodies were found,” the governor explained in a telegram.

“We can not evict them”: Mariupol aide warns BFMTV about the condition of wounded soldiers in Azovstal

This Sunday the guest of BFMTV, Mariupol Ukrainian MP Yaroslav Zelesnyak spoke about the condition of the Azovstal factory, a large industrial complex where a large number of people had gathered after the start of the Russian attack.

He confirmed the information released by President Zhelensky on Saturday, according to which all civilians were evacuated from the area.

“All women, children and the elderly were evicted from the Azovstel factory,” he said.

Nevertheless, many players are still underground, including some injured players.

“A large number of wounded soldiers are still at the scene. They must be evacuated. (…) They cannot be evacuated. The militants at the Azovstal base are without medicine,” he said.

Russia says it has destroyed several airports in western Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday evening that Odessa, a large Ukrainian port on the Black Sea in southwestern Ukraine, was targeting airports in the Artsyz region near Romania and Voznessensk north of Mykolaiv.

In the Northeast, the Russian army destroyed large quantities of weapons and military equipment “supplied by the US and other Western nations (to Ukraine) in the Krasnodar and Karlovka, far from Kharkiv.”

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Strikes were reported around Donetsk (east) on Saturday, where four people were killed and nine wounded, said regional governor Pavlo Girilenko.

G7 leaders are due to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky this Sunday

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is scheduled to attend a video conference meeting of the leaders of the G7 major powers on Sunday, where he will discuss the situation in his country.

A spokeswoman for German Chancellor Olaf Scholes said Friday that “May 8 is a historic day in Europe, marking the end of terrorism, destruction and death in Europe.”

She also felt that the war in Ukraine was “more important than ever for the integration of the G7 (…).”

This year, Germany will lead the G7, which includes Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan.

The last civilians were expelled from the Azovstal factory

In his daily news on Saturday evening, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said: “We have evacuated civilians from Azovstal”, referring to the number of 300 evacuees. Now, “We are now preparing for Phase II (…): Injured and paramedics”.

In the galleries of the vast industrial complex located in Mariupol, there will always be many players.

“We are also working to expel our soldiers. All these heroes are defending Mariupol,” said Volodymyr Zhelensky.

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