Macron proposes to go through Romania

According to the President, the country is “a kind of contact point” in the process of making investments.

On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that France was helping Romania to carry large quantities of banned grain to Ukraine. “Law” Allowed to exit via the Black Sea due to the Russian siege. “We will continue our diplomatic confrontation with Russia with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.” Use the port of Odessa as a seaport for seeds (corn, wheat, etc.). “Blocked”The French president explained on the private television channel TF1, the question was raised on kyiv.

But “Because Russia refused”, “We work the other way, it has to go through Romania”, Odessa is only “a few ten kilometers” from the Ukrainian-Romanian border. Because “It will allow” He says the grain can be accessed specifically by the Danube and the Railways to take it to international markets.

Emmanuel Macron visits Romania on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before leaving for Que “In the process of investing” For “Create a kind of contact point”, From which “these grains can be exported much faster and in bulk than we do today”. France “Our experts, our soldiers, our companies will help him.”Emmanuel Macron added.

So far no agreement has been reached, and the UN has been working for weeks with Moscow, Kiev and Ankara, a military guarantee for civilian ships to use the Black Sea, an agreement to allow grain to leave Ukraine, and to produce fertilizer. Russia will return to the international market. If an agreement is reached, it will reduce food prices and alleviate the global food crisis exacerbated by the Russian invasion.

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In TF1, Emmanuel Macron stressed that his trip to kyiv, which had been criticized by the opposition three days before the second round of assembly elections, was targeted. “Defend our country”Because “Rising petrol, gas and grocery prices are linked to this conflict. We urge Russia to raise them every day to play with the raw materials at its disposal.”

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