Near Las Vegas, dead bodies rise again in a lake due to drought

A terrible discovery. In early May 2022, a skeleton was found in a metal barrel on the shores of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir. United States. Located close to Las Vegas, this artificial lake has greatly reduced its water level as a result of the drought, revealing its most terrifying secrets.

Las Vegas police say the man who was found was killed when he ruled the underworld in the 1980s. International mail In an article published on May 21, 2022.

Within a week, two sisters who had paddled into this lake, located between Nevada and Arizona, say they found more bones. New York Times. A human skull was found in a sand dune a short distance away. A medical examiner should determine the circumstances of the death, the report states Point.

The lowest level since 1937

These findings tell a lot about the history of Las Vegas. According to Los Angeles Times, The current shore was under 30 meters of water forty years ago, at which time the person found in a can would have been hanged. At that time, the dissolution of the underworld was taking place in the “city of sin”. In addition to historians specializing in criminal networks, climate researchers are also interested in these findings.

In fact, the historic drought in the western United States has drastically reduced water levels. Through the Colorado River, Lake Mead has not reached such a low level since 1937. According to a study released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in 2020, Colorado flow has decreased by an average of 20% over a century. , At least half is due to rising temperatures.

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