Surprising video of five lions escaping their enclosure at Sydney Zoo

On Thursday, December 1, Australian media released a video of five lions escaping from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. When an alarm was triggered in the zoo, the animals returned to their dens on their own.

The story dates back to November 2nd, but pictures of the five lions escaping were released by Australian media this Thursday, December 1st. SBS News. Dominant male destroys fence of enclosure Before escaping from Taronga Zoo in Sydney (Australia).

A father and his four lion cubs

In a video posted on Twitter, an adult male named Atto breaks through the enclosure’s fence and then flees. The father of the family then His four lion cubs followed: Malika, Kari, Suri and Lusuko. Their departure was short-lived, according to CNews.

The invasion was immediate Zoo lock burst By activating the “Code 1” warning. That forcing visitors and staff to take shelter, Until the animals return to their enclosures. But little domesticated animals quickly returned to their denBefore any human intervention.

During this short journey of the men, the women, mother and daughter, remained in the enclosure.

A follow-up investigation

The zoo has launched an investigationUsing a specialized forensic engineer, To understand the origin of “complex lattice fence system” failure. At the conclusion of the investigation, the zoo notes that the lions will be moved from their enclosure to an “outdoor habitat at the back of the house.”

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