“The Glass Onion” was a hit at the box office, but left theaters today

No mystery why.
Image: Netflix

The knives may be out, but the people are in (theatres). Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery It is estimated to draw in $15 million during its week-long theatrical run that ends November 29, according to diverse. That doesn’t seem like much next to the hefty $65 million that’s topping the box office Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Brought in over the same Thanksgiving weekend — so you compare how many theaters each movie was shown in. Black Panther Making this amount from 4,258 theaters, while glass onion It brought its limited release total to close to 600. That means it made about $25,000 per theater, compared to (also a staggering) $15,265. Black Panther Average. Turns out everyone thought the perfect thing to pair with a turkey for Thanksgiving was a mid-budget mystery with a great cast and maybe gay detective. They were right! Does this mean that Directed by Rian Johnson glass onion Will it stay in theaters and/or expand into a wide release, keeping people who don’t live in cities from having to drive 30 miles to get to their nearest show this week? no. Unless you happen to catch the final showing tonight, you’ll be stuck watching the movie at home starting December 23 when it debuted on Netflix.

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