The Platinum Jubilee: One Last Party for Queen Elizabeth II and the Party Brits Need

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LONDON – You may not use that exact term, but Queen Elizabeth II is on the cusp of a massive victory – an uproar of applause, as a mile-long parade of horses, 3,200 bonfires, and singing were staged at Buckingham Palace by Sir Rod Stewart.

As for its themes, what’s not to like? Her Majesty the Queen is giving Britain a four-day weekend to celebrate 70 years on the throne, her platinum jubilee.

What is the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II? This is your royal guide.

Thousands upon thousands of street parties, park lunches, and picnics in the parks are planned for Sunday. How much jubilee pudding and coronation chicken, sparkling prosecco and strong beer should be consumed? Almost uncountable.

Britain is certainly in the mood for a bash, not just to honor the record-breaking reign of the Queen, but as a release after bleak winters, three full national lockdowns and nearly 180,000 coronavirus deaths, many of them lonely.

Celebrating ‘the Queen and the country’ is a way for squalid Britons to celebrate themselves, wrapping themselves in the soft patriotism of Union Jack bunting, as they navigate the pain of the pandemic and the endless bickering over Brexit.

Platinum Jubilee gifts, from mugs to Barbie to corgi cakes

Of course, not everyone in Britain likes the idea of ​​property. Republicans are pronounced with a lowercase ‘r’. But they really like the Queen here.

Elizabeth poll high in the sky. Which is more than can be said for others on the royal family team (like Jeffrey Epstein’s disgraced friend, Prince Andrew and controversial California fugitives Harry and Meghan).

Also in the rubbish rankings: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, newly from a Police investigations who decided he and 82 others in his Downing Street orbit had violated the rules of the pandemic lockdown, with gatherings in official report It included vomiting, vomiting and a lot of booze.

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Now, the state wants its turn for the party.

Corgis star in Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebrations

Pictures of the Queen are also shown on Rules at Stonehenge And Marble Arch, its “masters of competition” are preparing to light beacons across Britain.

Set up around Buckingham Palace, Prince William has been practicing horseback riding in preparation for Trooping of the Color, the Thursday morning military parade at the mall that will feature 1,400 officers and soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians.

The guest of honor is the only British monarch to have reached this milestone.

The queen’s reign spanned a century An almost incomprehensible change. She gave some of her first public speeches on the radio; Now her statements are posted on Twitter and Instagram.

Royal biographer Robert Hardman, author of a new book, “Queen of our time‘ told The Washington Post that Elizabeth has the characteristic of being ‘always present’, and an almost ‘subliminal’ background to many Britons.

“The fact that it’s only found on coins and stamps, pictures of banknotes, government buildings, and even the national anthem at sporting events, it’s all about it….when there’s any kind of citizen meeting for a happy or sad cause, it’s usually at the heart of it.” , ” He said.

Queen Elizabeth II: A Visual Timeline of the Seventy Years on the Throne

between the Twenty or so royal families Remained in the world, no one is as well known as the stars of “The Crown”, the permanent and dysfunctional House of Windsor.

Elizabeth, for her part, has indicated that she does not plan to retire – her uncle Edward has made “renunciation” a dirty word.

But in interviews with The Post, people on the street have been quite frank – realistically – that although there may be birthdays for the Queen, Her Majesty’s next huge event may be the one marking her death.

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The Queen is 96 years old. Her mother has reached 101. Elizabeth’s 73-year-old husband, Prince Philip, died last year at the age of 99.

His funeral–the last great royal moment–was so sad and barren out of the blue, that a few dozen family members attended at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, all clad in black and wearing face masks. the queen aloneCurved seat.

The Queen’s health concerns in recent months have strained the country. After a brief period Hospital treatmenta back spraina covid bout What are the spokespersons for?Accidental movement problemsMany people feared that she might not reach her jubilee.

But now that the week has come, the occasion provides an opportunity to look back, take stock of events and celebrate – without the need to mourn yet.

On Queen Elizabeth II’s 96th birthday, a look back at her life and legacy

“I think there’s a realization that this is another big event and it’s a way to say thanks,” said Ian Middleton, 58, an airline pilot whose jubilee celebrations included a visit with his dog to a pop-up window.Corgi Café” in London.

“I think continuity is the important part [of the queen’s reign] Britain will be a different place when you go,” Middleton said. “I think it would be more of a shock to the system than Brexit.”

The four days of official jubilee celebrations will be rooted in tradition.

On Thursday, the main event kicks off with Trooping the Color parade that has celebrated the official birthday of Britain’s King for more than 260 years. This is British pomp at its finest, concluding with a Royal Air Force flyover that the Royal Family watched from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Much has been said about who will be and who will not be on the balcony this year. The palace said that only “members of the royal family” would be allowed – so not Prince Andrew, Prince Harry or his wife Meghan.

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In the evening, more than 3,200 beacons across the kingdom will be lit, including one called “Tree of Trees,” a six-story-high display of 350 seedlings, which will be lit at a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace (and later planted around the British Isles).

On Friday, members of the royal family will attend a chapel service at St Paul’s Cathedral, home to the country’s largest church bell, which will ring across the country.

On Saturday, members of the royal family will attend the Epsom Derby, a prestigious horse race where some of the Queen’s horses may compete. It would take much to distance the Queen from her beloved horses, but if reports in the Sun tabloid are correct, she may miss the event to celebrate the birthday of her granddaughter Lillibit, Prince Harry and Meghan’s daughter. .

Later that evening, thousands will gather in front of Buckingham Palace for a live concert with performances including Duran Duran, Rod Stewart and Quinn, who was famous for guitarist Brian May for playing “God Save the Queen” from the palace rooftop during the Queen’s golden jubilee. .

On Sunday, a parade will weave a parade in central London, featuring acts including Ed Sheeran, who will play his song “Perfect” in honor of Prince Philip and the Queen. More than 85,000 people signed up to host the “Great Jubilee Luncheon” on the same day, although more will be held. The royal family will appear in some.

What all these events have in common is that most Britons would raise a toast to the only king they have ever known.

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