The reversal of Biden meeting the Saudi prince during his visit to Riyadh

Speculation about such a move was rife in June, but according to New York TimesThis is now recorded: President Joe Biden of the United States Riyadh has decided this month to move to rebuild relations with the oil-rich state, which seeks to lower domestic petrol prices and isolate Russia internationally..

Joe Biden will travel to Saudi Arabia at the end of June, where he will meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (“MBS”), who breaks his promise to run the kingdom. “Dismissed” The U.S. media reported on Thursday (June 2) that it was not talking about a more controversial leader. He will meet with leaders of Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. The visit comes on the heels of a planned trip to Israel, Germany for the G7 summit and Spain for the NATO summit at the end of June.

The Washington Post Anonymous officials were also quoted as saying about the relocation ” face to face “ Intervene with the mighty prince after many missions “Brilliant” In the rich Gulf country, its adviser to the Middle East, Brett McCurk, and its ambassador for energy affairs, Amos Hochstein, have been working tirelessly to increase crude production to reduce inflation.

The beginning of the order under the sign of the conflict with Riyadh

“The President looks forward to the opportunity to engage with leaders in the Middle East, but I have nothing to announce today.”, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday. But if Joe Biden “Communicating with a foreign leader determines that it is in the best interest of the United States and that such involvement may yield results, and then it will.”, A senior Biden executive told Agence France-Presse anonymously. Without confirming the trip, the officer estimated that there was “It simply came to our notice then [des Etats-Unis] Related to Saudi Arabia ”.

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Before his election, Joe Biden ruled that Saudi Arabia should be considered a nation “Dismissed” Due to the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoki. When he came to power, the Democrats released a US intelligence report in February 2021 accusing him of “MBS”. “Valid” Murder. Washington later noted “Re-measurement” The relationship with this strategic Gulf ally is to turn the page on Donald Trump’s presidency without going too far. Joe Biden’s entourage explained that the president would speak only to King Salman, not to the prince, the country’s acting leader and privileged speaker of the Republican front.

Human Rights and Saudi Oil

At the heart of its dialogue with Saudi leaders, the United States has expressed its intention to restore human rights, and has stepped up efforts to end the war in Yemen, where Riyadh is backing the government militarily against the Houthi rebels. If confirmed, the decision to go to Saudi Arabia comes at a time when the international community is snatching up a two-month renewal of a weak ceasefire in Yemen. Joe Biden delivered the greetings Thursday “Brave Leadership” Saudi leaders in this regard.

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Riyadh-led oil exporter OPEC + decided on Thursday to increase its production after months of waiting and rising prices, thus responding to calls from Western countries. On Thursday, an unnamed U.S. official underestimated the human rights issue, saying the Biden administration was concerned about the situation in Saudi Arabia. “Like many countries where we share interests”. “There are important strategic priorities to face, and our contacts and our diplomatic missions have recently intensified.”He added.

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But a face-to-face meeting with the “MBS” frightens the US Congress, and even among the president’s democratic factions, the crown prince’s sulfur personality is highly criticized. In a rare interview with a foreign media outlet published by The Atlantic magazine in March, Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud pointed out that the decline in relations with Saudi Arabia would be detrimental to Joe Biden. “He should think about the interests of the United States.”, He had said. Asked if the 79-year-old US president had misunderstood his personality, the young Saudi leader was dropped: “I do not care. ⁇

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