The Russian ship Moscow was sunk by two Ukrainian missiles.

9:15 pm: Influential critics classified as “foreign agents”.

YouTuber, political scientist, journalist: Russia on Friday classified the Kremlin’s new influential people and critics in its list of “foreign agents” amid a wave of repression in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Justice has added nine people to the list, which now include more than 140 media and personalities. “Foreign agents” are subject to numerous restrictions and rigorous procedures, and are subject to the threat of severe fines. In particular, they should mention this position in all their publications.

Newcomers include the following:

– YouTuber Yuri Dowd, a well-known journalist throughout Russia for interviews and documentaries dealing with important issues such as the Stalinist repression or authoritarian abuses in Russia.

– A caricaturist, Cherku Elkine, best known for his portrayal of Russian power

– Influential Liberal political scientist, Ekaterina Schulman

– An investigative journalist, Roman Toprokodov, founder of the Russian media The Insider

– LGBT rights activist Karen Cheyenne

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