The Supreme Court has authorized courts to disable Texas law governing abortion

The text prohibits Texans from having an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy from September 1, while the Supreme Court guarantees this right for the first two to three months.

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A hope for those who support the right of women to dispose of their bodies. The Supreme Court of the United States, on Friday, December 10, authorized federal courts to intervene in Texas against highly regulated legislation relating to abortion, without going so far as to suspend it.

This half-hearted decision removes practical impediments to judges barring Texas law in federal courts so far, although it violates the U.S. High Court’s judiciary. The law, which came into force on September 1, prohibits abortion six weeks after conception, even in cases of rape or rape.

Texas enacted a law to avoid a Supreme Court lawsuit that would allow abortions to be performed 22 to 24 weeks gestation. The law encourages citizens to take civil action against individuals and organizations that help women perform abortions against the promise of $ 10,000 in compensation. The text was hastily seized when it came into force, and the Supreme Court sought refuge behind it “New Questions of Practice” Refusing to intervene.

His inaction, which is seen as a sign of the influence of the three magistrates appointed by Donald Trump, has been sharply criticized by Democrats. In the end, “Eight members of the court agree.” Policy to protect the sovereignty of 50 states, “Does not prevent litigation in federal courts.”

In a separate speech, the chairman of the court and three progressive judges called on the courts to repeal the law expeditiously. “In view of its dire and lasting consequences”.


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