Twitter’s “new” Tweetdeck lives behind a verified paywall

Twitter has officially launched its “new” version of TweetDeck for everyone, according to a tweet From the Twitter support account, a step that had to be taken to help mitigate some of the issues TweetDeck has been experiencing lately. The switch comes with a heartbreaking catch: TweetDeck will become a verified-only feature in 30 days, the account says, which means you’ll need to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription to be able to use it.

All users will have to move to the new version, according to two Twitter employees, and those employees also shared some minor clarifications about what’s going on with the old TweetDeck. For many on the old interface, TweetDeck has been pretty useless lately; When I wrote this story, all my columns were just spinning with the message “Loading…”, and my colleagues saw something similar too.

While the blank columns appeared after Twitter started capturing tweets, according to Twitter employees, these rate limits don’t actually cause problems with the old TweetDeck. Instead, employees claim that the problems are caused by Twitter removing outdated APIs to prevent data scraping.

A collection of tweets from Twitter employees about changes to TweetDeck.
Screenshots from Jay Peters/The Verge

Will start working to force the switch “this week”, said that employeeand in responses, people beg that Twitter “please do not.” I can’t blame them — I remember not liking TweetDeck’s preview when I tried it in 2021, and neither did my colleague Sean Hollister. I don’t know how much the preview has changed now that it’s officially released, and I hope Twitter improves it for the better, but I’m not optimistic; The TweetDeck Twitter account didn’t say a word Since August. (As I write this, it still is, Monday’s news notwithstanding.)

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When reached for comment, the journalist’s Twitter email automatically responded with a poo emoji, as he was doing since march.

Updated July 3rd, 6:32PM ET: Twitter has officially launched the new TweetDeck and made it a Twitter Blue feature only.

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