United Airlines pilots get increases of more than 14% in new contract

Boeing 777 ER United Airlines. Plane bound for Fiumicino Airport Leonardo da Vinci.

Massimo Insabato | Mondadori wallet | Getty Images

United Airlines The pilots’ union has agreed an initial deal that would give pilots pay raises of more than 14%, making it the first major US airline to reach a deal on the pandemic and setting standards for the rest of the industry.

The agreement comes as the airline and others struggle with a shortage of pilots, which some airlines say has forced them to. Trim flight schedules.

Under the agreement approved Friday, pilots will receive more than 14.5% of the pay increases within 18 months, according to the Airline Pilots Association, which represents about 14,000 United pilots. The two-year agreement also includes eight weeks of paid maternity leave, a first for carrier pilots.

The agreement sets the tone for negotiations between unions and other large US airlines including Delta AirlinesAnd the American Airlines And the Southwest AirlinesLabor groups seek to improve quality of life two years after the pandemic. Some pilots say airlines created stressful schedules to take advantage of a travel boom that has left them weary, and recently had to protest the conditions.

Flight attendants and other work groups at major carriers are also in contract talks.

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