Vladimir Putin wants to remind us that “Russia is forced to intervene because of threats from the West.”

Vladimir Putin has promised Europeans a “quick” response in the event of external intervention.

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Vladimir PutinWith its threats, recalls “Russia is forced to intervene because of threats from the West.”On Wednesday, April 27, at franceinfo, Sylvie Berman, French diplomat, ambassador of France to Russia from 2017 to 2019, former ambassador of France to China and the United Kingdom, assures that the Russian president will respond. “Fast” In case of external intervention in Ukraine.

franceinfo: Can Vladimir Putin’s comments be considered a threat?

Sylvie Berman: Yes, this is a warning. This is in response to the Americans announcing a plan to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine against the Russian invasion, but not only since they added that it would permanently weaken Russia. Vladimir Putin is very clear on the provocation of these weapons, which is only available to Russia. Since 2018, he has been proud of the quality of his weapons. He declares a quick strike, saying he has no choice but to attack Russia from the outside. His full speech is a reminder that Russia is compelled to intervene because of threats from the West, and that the supply of these heavy weapons is evidence of a threat against Russia.

Where is the red line for Vladimir Putin?

This is a parallel militancy, defined by Westerners rather than Russia. It has no ground unrest, no air exemption zone, and therefore no direct involvement against the Russian military. So providing assistance but not direct involvement. Does Russia interpret it differently? That is why this warning is not currently available.

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Vladimir Putin mentioned May 9. Will things speed up by then?

Yes definitely. The offensive against Donbass will intensify to gain the most potential gain. Even if the Russians had already declared defeat against Mariupol. During this march of victory of the Great Patriotic War, it was necessary to declare a certain number of victories.

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