Direct war in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin says the Russian economy is “stabilizing”


Grenade attack on the Ministry of Public Security in Transnistria

Several bombs exploded Monday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Security in Traspole, the capital of Transnistria, after a grenade attack that left no injuries, according to Russian-backed local police in the separatist region of Moldova.

On the border with Ukraine, following the fall of the Soviet Union, Transnistria seceded from Moldova after a brief civil war.


kyiv and Paris discussed new sanctions

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister invited his French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to pay tribute to the victory of Emmanuel Macron and to discuss the war in Ukraine. “My French envoy said that France’s support for Ukraine would be further strengthened,” he said, noting the new discussions on sanctions against Russia in particular.


Putin says Russia’s economy is ‘stabilizing’

Speaking at a government meeting on economic questions after the sanctions hit Russia, the Kremlin leader said:


London to supply anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine

The UK will supply Ukraine with a “small number” of Stormer anti-aircraft missile armored vehicles. “These Stormer vehicles will provide short-range anti-aircraft capabilities to Ukrainian forces day and night,” British Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced Monday.


According to Ursula van der Leyen, the war will affect the Asia-Pacific region

“The outcome of the war will not only determine Europe’s future, but it will also deeply affect the Indo-Pacific region,” the European Commission chief explained during a visit to New Delhi. In particular, he raised fears of a partnership between Beijing and Moscow, warning of the consequences of a war beyond Europe.


Joe Biden announced today that he will be speaking with Emmanuel Macron

“I tried to approach him last night. I had his team, he was happy at the Eiffel Tower. I’m going to talk to him today,” he said on Sunday, adding that he “looks forward to continuing our close cooperation, especially with Ukraine.”


Greenpeace blocks a Russian tanker for several hours

Greenpeace activists were finally chained for several hours in a Russian tanker in the Oslo Fjord on Monday. They wanted to prevent the unloading of cargo of hydrocarbons that “funded Putin’s war.” The tanker Ust Luka came from the Russian city of St. Petersburg, according to the Marine Traffic website.



Point on the 61st day of the attack

Attacks continue on the strategic port of Mariupol, where Ukrainian forces are resisting as much as they can. Meanwhile, kyiv continues to press for weapons to deal with Russian attacks following a fire at a Russian fuel depot near the Ukrainian border. The point in our article.


Berlin was outraged by the expulsion of 40 German ambassadors from Russia

Russia expelled 40 German ambassadors in retaliation for a recent move in Berlin. “Not justified”The German foreign minister responded on Monday. “The 40 Russian delegates we expelled from Germany three weeks ago did not serve a single day in the diplomatic service during their stay in Germany,” Annalena Barbach said in a statement. , The expelled German ambassadors promised “nothing to be ashamed of.”


Russia denies war at UN


At least five people have been killed in Russian attacks on train facilities

Russian attacks on train facilities in the Vinnitsia region of central-western Ukraine on Monday killed at least five people and injured 18 others, the local prosecutor’s office said in a statement. Abroad. Most international trains passing through the country pass through this area.


Russia expelled 40 German ambassadors in retaliation

Russia announced on Monday that it was expelling 40 German ambassadors in retaliation for a recent move by Germany. The German ambassador to Russia, who was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday, was told by staff of 40 German embassy staff that Russia had been declared “non-governing” by the Russian embassy.


The Pentagon has ruled that Ukraine can “win” the war against Russia

The Pentagon chief said after returning from a visit to kyiv on Monday that Ukraine could “win” the war against Russia if it had the “right equipment.” “The first thing to win is to believe that you can win. And they (the Ukrainians) are convinced that they can win, “said Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense.



Bridget Bring, New US Ambassador to Ukraine

Joe Biden announces appointment of new US ambassador to Ukraine The current ambassador to Slovakia, Bridget Pring, “spent 25 years of her life in the diplomatic corps, focusing on advancing US policy in Europe and Eurasia,” the White House said in a statement.


Russia claims to have prevented the assassination of a star compiler

Russian intelligence services (FSB) say it has arrested “members of a neo-Nazi group” who say they plan to assassinate Vladimir Solovyov, the Kremlin’s chief propagandist.

The FSB said the “murder” plot was ordered by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). According to the FSB, “members of this group admitted to plotting the assassination of Soloviev, after which they had to flee abroad.”


Russian airline Aeroflot lost 20% of its passengers in March

The first Russian airline, Aeroflot, announced a 20.4% drop in passenger cargo in March compared to the same period in 2021, largely due to Western sanctions on Ukraine.

The drop was 50% on international flights and 15% on domestic flights.


“No contract” for a humanitarian walkway from Azovstale, according to kyiv

Kiev promised this Monday afternoon that “there is no contract” for a humanitarian walkway from the besieged metallurgical complex Azovstal in Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine. “Unfortunately today I declare officially and publicly that there is no agreement on the humanitarian route from Azovstal,” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshuk wrote in the Telegram.

Earlier, Russia announced its intention to end the war in broad daylight to allow the evacuation of civilians in ambush with Ukrainian militants.


More than 5.2 million Ukrainian refugees

UN refugee agency released on Monday According to the High Commission, the number of Ukrainian refugees who have fled their home country since February 24, when attacked by Russian troops, has exceeded 5.2 million. According to the UNHCR, 5,232,014 Ukrainians have fled their country since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 45,270 more than the number released on Sunday. Since the beginning of April, fewer than 1,197,000 Ukrainians have left, much less than the 3.4 million who chose to leave in March alone.

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Greenpeace blocks Russian oil tanker

Greenpeace activists chained themselves to a Russian tanker in the Oslo Fijord to prevent the unloading of cargo of hydrocarbons that “finance Putin’s war.”

The Ust Luga, registered in Hong Kong and licensed by the Russian oil group Novatek, carries 95,000 tons of kerosene to the Esso terminal in southeastern Norway, Greenpeace said in a statement.

The police stopped some enthusiasts before the struggle.


In 2021, global military spending will reach new heights

Russia’s spending rose 2.9% for the third year in a row, and 4.1% of the country’s GDP, well above the global average.

Revenue from oil and gas exports allowed these large military expenditures to be financed.

On the other hand, Ukraine’s military spending has increased by 72% since the annexation of Crimea.

With rising tensions in Europe, NATO member states have also increased their spending.


How does life work in the Azovstal factory, where Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are rooted?

The German daily Bild has published a map to help understand how the besieged Ukrainians at the Mariupol factory are capturing themselves and organizing themselves on different foundations.


Moscow announces ceasefire in Mariupol

As the last pocket of protest in Mariupol, the Russians announced the establishment of a ceasefire in order to evacuate the besieged civilians at the Azovstel factory.

Russian forces and their pro-Russian Ukrainian counterparts have promised to “unilaterally stop hostilities at 2:00 pm Moscow time (1100 GMT), withdraw units to a safe distance, and ensure that ‘civilians’ exit in the direction of their choice, a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry said.


There is no EU agreement on the ban on Russian energy

Joseph Borrell, vice-president of the European Commission, was quoted in the German newspaper Die Welt as saying, “At present, within the EU, we do not have a unified position on this issue.”

Some EU countries are pushing for a sixth round of sanctions against Russia, and Brussels is preparing a full assessment of the impact of the oil embargo as part of possible additional measures.

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