Nintendo eShop Selections – February 2023

Since Metroid Prime was also released physically, unfortunately it couldn’t be considered for this month’s eShop Selects, and aside from that, it was a surprisingly quiet month, that being said. With that in mind, we snuck a few 7/10 games into the mix, breaking our usual rule for the second month in a row.

However, these games are all worth checking out, so let’s take a look at them together…


To be honest, any of the games featured here could have come out on top this month, but here’s a sneak peek at the highlights that didn’t make the top three:

Fashion Police Squad (Switch eShop)

publisher: No more bots / Developer: Critical Games

release date: February 2, 2023 (United States of America) / February 2, 2023 (United Kingdom / European Union)

Interestingly, the top-rated eShop game of the month should settle for Bronze, but we think Fashion Police Squad is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of shooters.

It may not be quite as “sharp” as something like Doom, but with smooth controls, smooth animations, great visuals, and the addition of gyroscopic aiming, it’s nonetheless an exhilarating, straightforward fun that’ll keep you going for four or five hours. . Which, given the low asking price, is nothing to smile about.

We gave Fashion Police Squad an 8/10 in our full review, so check out all the details, trainee!

PowerWash emulator (Switch eShop)

PowerWash emulator (Switch eShop)

publisher: Square Enix / Developer: future lab

release date: January 31, 2023 (United States of America) / January 31, 2023 (United Kingdom / European Union)

There is something inherently satisfying about the gameplay of PowerWash Simulator. Watching you meticulously remove dirt in clean lines can be likened to the countless “extremely satisfying” YouTube videos that have gone viral on the Internet over the past few years.

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While the game suffers from long loading times and some dodgy objectives (why no gyro controls??), Powerwash Simulator makes up for it with addictive scenarios and stable performance throughout. In addition to that, you can also download free Tomb Raider content, which while an odd collaboration in itself, is a very welcome one regardless.

We gave Powerwash Simulator a 7/10 in our full review, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

Blank (Switch eShop)

Blank (Switch eShop)

publisher: Deployment of the gearbox / Developer: Cassus lodi

release date: February 14, 2023 (United States of America) / February 14, 2023 (United Kingdom / European Union)

This month, Blanc will be releasing the slick co-op adventure title from developer Casus Ludi. Although it’s admittedly on the short side (you can easily blow it away in under two hours), Plan is an unforgettable game that not only looks great, but is warm and emotionally devastating in equal parts.

Camera issues and frame rate drops get in the way of true greatness on Blanc, but with some fun puzzles and meaningful interaction with your co-op friend, we’d say it’s definitely worth a kick if you’re an It Takes Two fan looking for something similar.

We gave Blanc a score of 7/10 in our review, so be sure to check it out for the full lowdown.

How do we decide our online store picks the top three: As we get to the end of each month, the Nintendo Life team votes on their favorite titles from a list of games hand-picked by the editorial team. To qualify for this list, these games must have been released as a digital-only Nintendo Switch eShop title in that particular month, and must have been reviewed on Nintendo Life; We select eligible games based on the results of their review.

The staff is then asked to vote for three matches that they think deserve to sit at the top of the list; The first choice gets 3 points, the second choice gets 2 points, and the third one gets 1 point. These votes are then tallied to create a list of the top three, with the overall winner taking home the first prize for the month.

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