The journalist who interrupted the pro-Kremlin news becomes a German media reporter

Marina Ovsyanikova Armed with a sign against became a symbol after appearing in the middle of the message War in Ukraine. Russian journalist becomes a reporter in Ukraine Russia To everyday life German Die WeldThe media announced on Monday.

He writes for the newspaper and continues to contribute to its television news channel. “Marina Ovsyanikova had the courage to confront the audience in Russia with a dilute picture of reality at a crucial moment,” explained Ulf Boshard, editor-in-chief of the Welt Group.

“Defend this Freedom”

“Despite the threat of state repression, he thus defended the most important press virtues,” says the boss of the conservative daily.

“Weld represents the strong defense of the courageous people in Ukraine: freedom. As a journalist, I consider it my duty to defend this freedom,” 43-year-old Marina Ovsyanikova said in the same statement.

She faces criminal charges.

During the most-watched news broadcast in Russia by a Russian journalist in mid-March, he appeared live on the Pervy Kanal channel with a sign criticizing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and condemning the “propaganda” of the state-controlled media.

Arrested briefly and later released on a simple fine, Marina Ovsyanikova left the channel. Criminal case risk Facing severe imprisonment under the latest law suppressing “misinformation” about the Russian military.

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